The Warrior Gene- Created Sick Commanded to be Well

enlightenmentI was forced by my karma, perhaps my bad karma, to pick up the latest edition of “EnlightenNext” magazine (formerly WIE, but populated with the same fantasists and evolutionary mythologist writers).

My $7.50 will pay for Ken Wilber’s next blow job in a massage parlor in Thailand. Or around the bathroom corner of the next conference with the 20 year old yoga instructor . Enjoy.

The people at EnlightenNext are absolutely obsessed with Charles Darwin. Each edition has his portrait copiously sprinkled throughout its pornographic pages, and the book review section is called “Natural Selection”.

I only wish that Dick Dawkins could make a guest appearance at the Cohen compound to explain to these people the stone cold facts about what we know concerning evolution.

Perhaps he could start by discussing the MAOA gene, known as a ‘low-activity 3-repeat allele,’ also known as “The Warrior Gene”.

Boys with this gene, according to a new study are more likely to join gangs, be among the more violent members, and wield weapons.

How do Wilber and Cohen come to grips with these facts?

Why are some people born with the warrior gene or with two short serotinin uptake inhibiting genes making them prone to depression? Why? Why can I flip through this magazine and come away thinking that we are all tabula rasas?

Is it possible to meditate with these gene cocktails?

I suspect that in the future there will be entire maps of genes correlated well with behavior likelihoods. When this time comes the Wilberites may have a rude awakening. Perhaps they can define certain genetic clusters which make any spiritual proficiency impossible, and some that make spiritual masters.

Who will they consider more spiritually evolved? Those with bad genes who aren’t criminals or those with good genes who are average?


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