Dean Radin Strikes Again

Believe or I'll kick your ass!

Believe or I'll kick your ass!

When I first read Radin’s “Conscious Universe” I was blown away  by the seemingly overwhelming evidence for psi. I remember my first encounter with Pat being an argument about the significance of these findings. He talked me out of being overly accepting of Radin’s arguments though claiming to be 99% sure we survive physical death himself. An interesting position.

But then there are the die-hard skeptics. Why do so many people refuse to believe? Not being a statistician I can’t tell anything about the data other than the fact that they are largely ignored by very bright people, many of whom I greatly admire.  Is the body of evidence ignored because of bias, or because there really isn’t anything there?

Sam Harris, my most beloved defender of reason has been attacked and ridiculed in the atheist community for being open minded about psi and even evidence for reincarnation. I consider Sam to be one of the clearest thinkers I’ve witnessed. He knows that the skeptic arguments are tinged with unreasonable bias, but does not fully accept the conclusions offered by people like Radin.

Dean is a giant in the field of psi research

Dean is a giant in the field of psi research

After trying to defend the existence of psi for years, partly because it built up my preconceived vision of a spiritual universe, I was left unsatisfied by the evidence. I could never fully convince myself of its existence, and over time I lost interest in the question because I realized that no amount of experimentation was going to solve the question satisfactorily as long as people far more knowledgeable so solidly dismissed it.  Even if I was a statistician and had time to go through the numbers myself, I still wouldn’t know. The sketchy behavior and demeanor of those who claimed these experiences didn’t help convince me either. I would far rather hang out with atheistic scientists and philosophers than spiritualists and your typical NDEer…. even if I KNEW we survived death.

So Dean Radin gave this talk for the people at Google, going through the evidence. There is some interesting new data since I last checked. Apparently Radin’s talk became the most heavily discussed Google talk so far. It would seem that among the younger generation there is less immediate dismissal of such ideas than the older generation. Many in the audience found their heads spinning as they questioned. You could imagine them thinking, “This is such amazing evidence, what is it he’s not telling us, because if it were really this solid everyone would believe it… what is WRONG with this data? There must be something, even if I have no idea what it is.”

I didn’t plan on watching the entire hour and a half. But I did. Credit to Radin for a superb defense of his work.

Imbedding is prohibited, watch here.


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