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The future of PSI experimentation

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This should really have been placed on the Ray Hymen post. Create a strong emotional incentive.


What the bleep is this crap?!?!?

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You too can create your own scientific reality

You too can create your own scientific reality

I am reading a book called “Quantum Enigma” which does a good job of tracing the development of quantum mechanics and the controversy over whether it says anything about a special relationship between consciousness and matter. I came across the video below and thought it was really good until I noticed a “what the bleep” poster on Dr. Quantum’s wall. I thought to myself, “Well, so far it is a sound description of the double slit experiment, so just because the Ramtha people designed it doesn’t make it a bad video necessarily.”

Then I got up to the 4 minute mark where the eye “observes” the particle, and supposedly there is no longer an interference pattern just because it was observed. Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think this is valid. I am no adept at this stuff but I have never seen this mentioned before. As far as I know, no such change was observed due to observation in the actual experiment. If observing made the interference pattern go away then it would be obvious to everyone that there is an interaction between mind and matter. Unless the use of a measuring device collapsed the wave function due to external influence before it went through the slit.  I searched the comments and only found one person who thought the same thing. He said this was not the finding of the actual experiment. I am still trying to get to the bottom of this. Is Ramtha flat out making stuff up? Or was this really the experimental finding? Did the act of observing the electron force its wave function to collapse vie external influence and not consciousness?

On another note, Dean Radin states on his blog-

“I will be giving a presentation on advances in psi research, including preliminary results of my recent experiments involving the effects of consciousness on a double-slit optical system.”

Someone comments, “I am curious as to whether your double slit experiment shows a larger effect size than other psychokinetic experiments – which might perhaps suggest that psi operates via quantum effects.”

Radin replies,  “So far, it appears so. But I’m just at the beginning of a two-year series of experiments, so time will tell.”

-Apr. 15 2009

Radin seems to have a magic touch.

Simulated World

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DavidChalmers1David Chalmers states that if he had to bet on it, he would say there is a 20% chance that we are currently living in a “simulated” world- a virtual reality world concocted by some higher intelligence inside a computer.

This is a very fascinating (but long) discussion on blogging heads between John Horgan (end of science) and David Chalmers (famous consciousness philosopher). Ah hell, why not? Nobody has any idea whatsoever what consciousness is….

Cherry Popping Psi

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Ray Hymen, the crusty old magician who took on Charles Honorton in the 80’s over psi research is back at it. In this interview at point of inquiry, Ray comes out briefly against the dishonesty and naivete of some of his fellow skeptic friends. He says he is very confident there is nothing to psi, but my spidey sense tells me he is not really sure.

Skeptics recently replicated a psi precognition experiment which has now been replicated several times by independent labs (see radin’s google talk) and seems to have surpassed the ganzfeld as the great white(father) hope of proving psi to skeptics.

I find it fascinating that there are psi researchers who believe in it, yet are abandoning the field because they have become convinced that it is not possible to adequately prove the phenomenon to skeptics no matter how much experimentation is done.

I believe that if psi is real, it is exacerbated by emotional effects. The times in my life where I thought there were eerie synchronicities that may have had to do with psi, there was generally unusual emotion involved. The precog experiment which seems to work involves graphic pictures meant to draw an emotional response.

My advice to Dean Radin-  Hook people up to a tazer and prove this shit once and for all. Once he wins the Nobel prize everyone will forgive his lack of ethics.

The Official PSICOPS

The Official PSICOPS

Guess the next card asshole or I'll shoot!

Guess the next card asshole or I'll shoot!

Kriya Yoga

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“One half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.”


Click here to observe advanced kriya technique. This was the special kriya transmitted from Babaji to Yogananda and reserved only for the serious aspirant.


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My brother is a fireworks fanatic. He buys thousands of dollars worth of ill-eagle fireworks from the Indian Rez each year and lights them off in an intoxicated stupor. Nobody ever enforces the law. People line up along the street to watch it.

Click HD on bottom right. I am always impressed by the sound quality of the little pocket camcorder. Missing the wide-angle benefits however.

Ray Comfort Agrees to Debate Thunderfoot

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Thunderfoot, the brilliant and creative genius behind the “Why do people laugh at creationists” video series on youtube has extended an invitation to Ray Comfort for a debate. Thunderfoot has the most popularly subscribed to Atheist channel on youtube with 54,000 subscribers where Comfort’s Way of the Master channel draws only 9,000. I don’t really care about the “debate” aspect of this, as it is impossible to convince someone like Comfort that he has lost, even if you show him an ugly little seed ridden plantain and tell him that everyone on earth knows this is more like the ancestor of the grocery store banana than his ripe yellow chiquita. The joy and fascination is in watching the extent to which Ray can lie to himself to deny the obvious. I am just giddy wondering what he will come up with next. What, there are no transitional fossils? Lol….

The video where Thunderfoot reads Ray’s acceptance of the invite is here.