Ray Comfort Agrees to Debate Thunderfoot

Thunderfoot, the brilliant and creative genius behind the “Why do people laugh at creationists” video series on youtube has extended an invitation to Ray Comfort for a debate. Thunderfoot has the most popularly subscribed to Atheist channel on youtube with 54,000 subscribers where Comfort’s Way of the Master channel draws only 9,000. I don’t really care about the “debate” aspect of this, as it is impossible to convince someone like Comfort that he has lost, even if you show him an ugly little seed ridden plantain and tell him that everyone on earth knows this is more like the ancestor of the grocery store banana than his ripe yellow chiquita. The joy and fascination is in watching the extent to which Ray can lie to himself to deny the obvious. I am just giddy wondering what he will come up with next. What, there are no transitional fossils? Lol….

The video where Thunderfoot reads Ray’s acceptance of the invite is here.


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