Cherry Popping Psi


Ray Hymen, the crusty old magician who took on Charles Honorton in the 80’s over psi research is back at it. In this interview at point of inquiry, Ray comes out briefly against the dishonesty and naivete of some of his fellow skeptic friends. He says he is very confident there is nothing to psi, but my spidey sense tells me he is not really sure.

Skeptics recently replicated a psi precognition experiment which has now been replicated several times by independent labs (see radin’s google talk) and seems to have surpassed the ganzfeld as the great white(father) hope of proving psi to skeptics.

I find it fascinating that there are psi researchers who believe in it, yet are abandoning the field because they have become convinced that it is not possible to adequately prove the phenomenon to skeptics no matter how much experimentation is done.

I believe that if psi is real, it is exacerbated by emotional effects. The times in my life where I thought there were eerie synchronicities that may have had to do with psi, there was generally unusual emotion involved. The precog experiment which seems to work involves graphic pictures meant to draw an emotional response.

My advice to Dean Radin-  Hook people up to a tazer and prove this shit once and for all. Once he wins the Nobel prize everyone will forgive his lack of ethics.

The Official PSICOPS

The Official PSICOPS

Guess the next card asshole or I'll shoot!

Guess the next card asshole or I'll shoot!


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