What the bleep is this crap?!?!?

You too can create your own scientific reality

You too can create your own scientific reality

I am reading a book called “Quantum Enigma” which does a good job of tracing the development of quantum mechanics and the controversy over whether it says anything about a special relationship between consciousness and matter. I came across the video below and thought it was really good until I noticed a “what the bleep” poster on Dr. Quantum’s wall. I thought to myself, “Well, so far it is a sound description of the double slit experiment, so just because the Ramtha people designed it doesn’t make it a bad video necessarily.”

Then I got up to the 4 minute mark where the eye “observes” the particle, and supposedly there is no longer an interference pattern just because it was observed. Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think this is valid. I am no adept at this stuff but I have never seen this mentioned before. As far as I know, no such change was observed due to observation in the actual experiment. If observing made the interference pattern go away then it would be obvious to everyone that there is an interaction between mind and matter. Unless the use of a measuring device collapsed the wave function due to external influence before it went through the slit.  I searched the comments and only found one person who thought the same thing. He said this was not the finding of the actual experiment. I am still trying to get to the bottom of this. Is Ramtha flat out making stuff up? Or was this really the experimental finding? Did the act of observing the electron force its wave function to collapse vie external influence and not consciousness?

On another note, Dean Radin states on his blog-

“I will be giving a presentation on advances in psi research, including preliminary results of my recent experiments involving the effects of consciousness on a double-slit optical system.”

Someone comments, “I am curious as to whether your double slit experiment shows a larger effect size than other psychokinetic experiments – which might perhaps suggest that psi operates via quantum effects.”

Radin replies,  “So far, it appears so. But I’m just at the beginning of a two-year series of experiments, so time will tell.”

-Apr. 15 2009

Radin seems to have a magic touch.


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