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When will Bob Wright start speaking in tongues?

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Robert Wright and Barbara Hagerty vlog on mystical experience, psi, god helmets, meditation and consciousness. Hagerty wrote the book, “Fingerprints of God” and did a series of NPR segments about her exploration of the big spiritual questions. Robert Wright is still trying to hide the fact that he is a closet spiritualist, and plays along for an hour. He must not have made enough money selling his books to stop the charade.

Yahweh contemplating the creation of the earth

Yahweh contemplating the creation of the earth

Hagerty discusses the psistudies done on emotionally bonded couples. She personally observed one session which gave odds of 11,000 to 1. Then something puzzling happens. Wright begins talking about the possibility of some physical electromagnetic connection between brains, avoiding the discussion concerning distant interconnections, and revealing a sort of ignorance of what these psi experiments are, especially considering that these experiments are performed in highly sealed soundproof rooms and faraday cages which prevent any form of electromagnetic leakage. It is difficult to believe that someone as interested in these questions as Bob could so willfully keep this information at bay for so long. He knows that were he to profess his belief, or even take the experimentation seriously at all, academia would never take another word he writes seriously again. At some point he’ll have to make a decision.At 45 minutes, Wright spontaneously speculates that there may be some sort of “pure consciousness” which gets distorted as it enmeshes with brains and can be experienced more accurately through meditation. He then deftly rolls the analysis onto Hagerty, as if he was merely speaking on her behalf as a believer and not on his own.


You too can argue at such a high level if you attain a PhD! Lol!

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Horgan Versus Wright

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think this absolutely requires several large glasses of wine to comprehend. I can’t recommend it otherwise. I am having spasms of laughter after 13 minutes so far. John Horgan reminds me of a wino and Rob Wright reminds me of a college student struggling with his faith for the first time. I love them both, have loved both of their books, and watching them argue in an intoxicated state is profoundly humorous. Background- Horgan has a big beef with Wright’s book and nobody on earth can pin down Wright’s actual beliefs. He believes that life is somehow intentionally geared in a directionality towards love, altruism etc… Yet he (like me), has no confidence in spiritual explanations.

I have no strong opinion one way or another whether ideas like Cohen’s evolutionary enlightenment or Wright’s evolutionary moral directionality are true. Major reason being that we all just die. Who cares if there is something evolving through time because it certainly isn’t me or you. We live and die in a minute snapshot of human history.

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Robert Wright Goes Off the Deep End

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I almost purchased Wright’s new book “the Evolution of God”  weeks ago, until I saw the price tag. I was pleasantly surprised when my coworker brought her copy in this week and offered to let me read it during my vacation. I have enjoyed Wright’s other books tremendously- “Moral Animal” and “Nonzero”. I was amazed to see him interviewed in What is Enlightenment magazine and wondered why Cohen would interview the guy who wrote the evolutionary psychology manifesto- “Moral Animal”. But Wright agrees in part with Cohen that life is geared to guarantee evolution proceeds in a particular direction.

As is clear at minute 13, Robert Wright believes there is more than likely some sort of a “transcendent intelligence” in the universe which guarantees a moral framework.

I never would have thought I’d hear this from the guy who wrote the most beautifully damning indictment of the human experience ever penned, in “Moral Animal”. I applaud Wright for his ability to come to terms with two seemingly diametric points of view without becoming dogmatic. It is courageous and honest and I hope it opens the door for other serious scholars to do the same. I have a very hard time reconciling the nature of humanity and the mysteries that are clearly at hand. Spiritualists dismiss one out of hand, materialists dismiss the other out of hand, Wright holds them both in one hand without freaking out. He even went to a Buddhist retreat where he spent hours in meditation and experienced something more true and real than his daily consciousness.

About his book Wright says, “God is an illusion, and I am tracing the evolution of an illusion.”

They Sure play a Mean Pinball

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2622909028_27af82d135 There is only one person in my office who understands the relevance of our intuition study, and tomorrow is her last day. She is a traveling contractor and her contract expires. Our office celebrated her going away at an upscale pizza joint after work.

The conversation at the table involved our intuition study. The perspectives of my coworkers are sort of stunning to me. Some of them just don’t care at all about the issue. Some think it’s such a no-brainer that there is no reason bothering to track the data. And yet the most surprising ones are those who say “I don’t see the significance of this thing, so what if women can intuit the gender?”

Oh-My-God.  I openly stated that I would have to order a pint before starting the conversation- make it two. Then it took me several minutes to explain to a smart well educated woman that I don’t care about women predicting the gender, I only want to know whether the mind can intuit something it cannot possibly know through standard sensory routes. “But what difference does that make?”. Dear in the headlights.

So the contractor looks at me and we just agree that “we can only do this alone”. I don’t know why I bother trying to explain any of this stuff to people. I have spent countless weeks, months and years thinking about these things that others scarcely consider.

There was a friendly wager years ago between Ken Wilber and Mike Murphy about what effect proving the existence of psi phenomena would have on the populace if it could ever be adequately proven. Murphy insisted that it would be revolutionary and would change everybody’s opinions drastically. Wilber on the other hand was correct- the people would put a puzzled expression on their faces and in a Homer Simpson voice say, “oooh thpooky”, then promptly forget about it and go about their business.

Of course no amount of experimentation such as the stuff Dean Radin is doing will ever prove psi any more than it already has. Taking Radin’s meta-analyses into account (the way he describes it in his books at least), it may be getting to the point where the only valid argument against the existence of psi is some sort of massive ingenious fraud through decades across entire organizations on a scale as preposterous as “9/11 was an inside job, and Bush orchestrated the whole thing”.

Need I repeat? Any small statistical variation will always be assumed to be a design flaw before it is assumed to be a psi effect, even if such flaws cannot be adequately accounted for. Unless someone levitates across the white house lawn, we will all just shrug at psi.

Stuck in the Guf

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intuitionI included my friend Kathy in the intuition study weeks ago. She believes in radical natural pregnancy and had no ultrasounds and a home birth. With her first pregnancy she had several dreams it was a girl and it was a boy. With this one she had a strong intuition it was a girl.  I agreed to add the outcome to the study about 2 weeks ago. She delivered last night and it was a girl.

The Way it Should Be

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Oh that when we die we find ourselves creators. And oh that somehow this limited world now is meant to prevent us from creating another one. What would you create?


The Triad of Human Filth

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Glenn Beck, the third head of the snake is revealed in his fraudulence as a human being once again. Doing my part to make this video go viral.

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