The Skoal Interpretation- Delayed double slit Experiment

I found something I was looking for in my foray into QM experimentation. At first I was very excited to learn about this but later realized it was based on a thought experiment. Variations of the thought experiment apparently have been verified by complex means which I have not taken the time to understand. The delayed version of the double slit says that if you put detectors at each slit and keep them on, you can later choose whether or not to look at the data of when the photon goes through each slit. If you look, you will see a double band indicating that two lines of particles moved through. If you don’t look at the data you will see an interference pattern. This bypasses the issue I had with the detector because the detector is on either way. Now even weirder is that if you choose to look at the data 2 weeks later, your observation of the data will still determine whether you seen an interference pattern, so there is backwards causation. Unfortunately, I think this is all a thought experiment, but… there have been variations that have apparently confirmed the idea-

According to wickipedia- “An implementation of the experiment in 2007 showed that the act of observation ultimately decides whether the photon will behave as a particle or wave, verifying the unintuitive results of the thought experiment.[2]

Here it is, but it seems different. then there’s the quantum eraser experiment which supposedly shows something similar

this video explains it well-

The Quest for Answers

The Quest for Answers


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