My Psi Experiment

How the Hell Did I Get in Here?

How the Hell Did I Get in Here?

About 3-4 times a day on average, I inform someone what the gender of their unborn child will be. My colleagues are fond of saying that there is a strong correlation between a mother’s intuition of this and what gender it actually is. The mothers are very fond of saying, “oh I just knew it, I just had a feeling”.  It seems more like 50/50 to me but I have never counted.

So I figure it will take me about 10 months to gather 500 trials. I will casually ask what they think they are having before I start or whether they have any intuitions on what they are having (I do this often anyway just for entertainment). Those who choose to play will be tallied. It is very easy for me to know whether they already have an idea based on a prior ultrasound so those people will be excluded. Only those who have no idea beforehand will be counted.

I posted on Radin’s blog about this to see if anyone has ever thought of this experiment or tried it. His idea of quantum entanglement should make the mother/fetus connection a good candidate for study.

But I can say that if there is any correlation it would be small. Most women feel no great pull one way or the other.

There are many pieces of internal data that would be interesting if there were enough trials, such as the difference between an 18 week fetus and a 30 week fetus. 18 weeks may not be conscious yet (nobody really knows). So is the correlation higher for someone who gets their first ultrasound at 30 weeks? This is very hard to test because few people wait until 30 weeks. About 10% of the time the gender cannot be confimed due to breech position, crossed legs or contraction.

The photo above is only 12 weeks + 6 days which is usually too early to tell unless it is a male hung like a horse (about 10% I can tell this early if I really try but I usually don’t bother with it). I am half tempted to include the other sonographers in the game, but I cannot trust them to maintain scientific integrity. Of course the only one who will know how secure my data is will be me. If there is correlation I will suggest formal experimentation, best done with a written questionnaire before the scan and confirmation of gender after delivery.


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