Ray Comfort Hoists Himself on Own Pitard

The Thunderfoot versus Ray Comfort debate has taken place. It was a snoozer. Both parties were very polite. Thunderfoot took it really slowly and wasn’t terribly aggressive. Comfort’s strategy was to play his unbeatable hand of “God says so in his word, therefore it’s true”.

But something major happened. Ray Comfort learned about some evidence for speciation involving salamanders in California and admitted speciation was true but that it was not evolution. This is like saying that you can warm a pot of water over a burner, but if you leave it there for a while it will never boil.

I learned about the salamanders in question from Dawkins’ book “Ancestor’s Tale”. It is a large geographic ring of genetically related salamaders in California. As you move further down the ring the varieties change but can still interbreed, until you get to a certain locale where the same genetically related salamanders have been isolated geographically to such an extent that they cannot interbreed with the others- a clear and obvious example of speciation. And such speciation happened in a relatively short amount of time- a few million years or so. Comfort admits to speciation, but somehow thinks this is different from evolution… ummmm, I guess because none of the salamanders ever hatched a Cocker Spaniel or something? This is “willful ignorance” at its breathtakingly stupidest. And when the need for vast time spans arises Comfort slips into that retarded (literally) creationist canard of “time is your god, you always need time”, as if this is some sort of argument. This snippet illustrates the moment where Ray Comfort, unbeknownst to his own self, admitted that he didn’t have the faintest idea of what he was talking about and showed that he truly doesn’t care a whit about honestly examining the theory of evolution.

Here is some technical expert commentary from one of the viewers (I am not forcing you to watch the whole thing, it may be over your heads).


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