Johns Hopkins Study

dream_fjord I contacted Dr. Sharma about his pregnancy study. It was done in the late 90’s. They screened 300 women who did not want to know the gender until delivery. They picked only those with significant dreams and specific intuitions, which boiled down to only about 40 of them. Of that group a little over 70% were correct.

He encouraged me to do my own study as I am in a position to see literally thousands of people. What I am doing now is more like a pilot study. So far out of ten chances I have only one acceptable trial where the mother had a strong feeling without any possible way of knowing beforehand without it being based on a wives tale.  This goes along with Sharma’s result that he only got about 40 out 300 who claimed legitimate intuitions and dreams.

He also informed me of a Johns Hopkins study which looked at all forms of guessing gender in a small population. they included guesses based on wives tales as well. The results of the whole was only 55% success. But when those with 12 years of education who reported dreams and intuitions were singled out they were correct 71% of the time.  The findings were published in an issue of a journal called Birth.

So it looks like very fertile ground for unexplored study.  Only two small scale studies exist as far as I have know.


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