Evolving Planet Food Chain

Lately I’ve been thinking about what type of action people should take in the world. Do people with some sort of enlightened awakening try to save everyone or do they just divorce themselves from the fray and go off into obscurity? If there is any sort of purpose in this existence what could it possibly be? Just to experience it? To save everyone from delusion? To evolve?

I have come to radically disagree with Andrew Cohen. I think the idea of Evolutionary Enlightenment as he calls it is a farce. I do not think that Andrew Cohen is particularly awakened in any spiritual sense, and all reports indicate that he is a shitty spiritual teacher. Andrew spends his time making stories up about what the universe is trying to do:

And I do not believe a word of it. If there is some creative process inherent in the cosmos, I cannot imagine that a bunch of mammals eating each other amidst a vast field of exploding dust next to a giant nuclear reactor doomed to implode could possibly have some infinite evolutionary purpose. Look around. Nothing is evolving in any sense other than what science and technology make possible. Human nature is the same as it ever was despite the modifications of modern culture. Andrew has spent his days doing absolutely nothing on the hamster wheel and in a few short decades he will be demented or dead, and little to nothing will have been accomplished.

It is always striking to me how little these people understand about real human nature and evolution. They are so blissfully naive and delusional. A quick sojourn through his magazine “Enlightenext”  will reveal a cess-pool of human delusion from a man who thinks he can stop aging to Cohen’s enfatuation with Sri Aurobindo who said, “Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process“. A quick look around will reveal that this is not happening. Looking into the past at people who tried to use yogic abilities to transform themselves into superhumans one can readily see- it has never worked. At all.  The idea is utterly bankrupt.

Cohen seems to believe that his followers will awaken to non-dual states and realities. But they really don’t seem to. They are half-baked. That sort development is rare but it is real. And those I’ve seen who really live in that space don’t seem to be concerned with the vainglorious evolution of planet food chain.


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