I Agree With Chalmers

consciousness_200 Chalmers, straight out of a Geiko commercial, really spells out well what he believes concerning consciousness here with his interview with Robert Kuhn. “Consciousness is a fundamental entity”

Chalmers states that if Gawd forced him to guess what consciousness is, he would take these possibilities seriously-

1.) Consciousness is probably a primitive element of the universe like space or time, irreducible. But he “wouldn’t bet the farm” on it.

2.) Radical emergence- consciousness can somehow spring into existence with the right kind of complexity.

3.) Physical matter and consciousness are both ubiquitous but not the same thing. They can interact but are not equal.

4.) The physical world emerges from consciousness. Particles of matter actually are “little bits of consciousness”. This is the one Chalmers thinks is most likely true after he’s had a couple of beers.

I agree with Chalmers that consciousness is likely primordial. Why? One must explain why we are not all zombies, what role evolution might have had for the emergence of consciousness. From a materialist point of view there isn’t any use for qualia. But somehow consciousness emerged. And from such a belief, one would have to assume that conscious awareness *suddenly* emerged once a cluster of neurons became complex enough to enable it. But (and here I risk sounding like Michael Behe in a way), what in the world would have provoked evolution to modify cells to accommodate or give rise to conscious experience before it existed? If it didn’t see it coming it could not have actively built towards it for no survival benefit. It served no evolutionary benefit one minute and then poof, the next minute something is consciously aware. That’s just as mystical schmistical as anything else. In fact if that is the case, that some primitive organism long ago suddenly became conscious in some way by the gracious emergence of a blind complexity,  how many times did this happen? Just once? Did the same consciousness evolve over multiple lines of evolution? This seems unlikely because if it was that easy, our AI research would have likely pinned it down by now through complexity, which leads one to go further and further back and ask, how far back into primitive organisms did consciousness go? You get all the way back to a primitive worm with a brain so small the neurons can be counted under a microscope. Is there consciousness there? Why not?

At this point the materialist is screaming saying “you are assuming that consciousness is all alike, that it didn’t evolve in graduated steps from very very weak to full human awareness.” But such an argument eats its own tale. If a clump of neurons in a primitive worm developed “weak” consciousness through complexity, what the hell for? If it didn’t do anything to help the worm survive and procreate why was it selected for? It seems more likely to me (and at times it seems shockingly obvious) that consciousness was somehow fundamentally already there, possibly all the way back. Possibly even in the minutest of particles as the QP experiments seem to suggest.


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