Skepticism, Sexism, and Results

creologicmapThe number of women with intuitive hunches seemed to increase this week in our office study. Today we completed our first set of ten intuitive guesses (taking 2 weeks to tally) which culminated in a rather surprising result of 9/10 correct. The control group of random guessers, which only began to be tabulated earlier this week, was a perfect 50% at 3/6 correct guesses. These wives tale guessers are a dime-o-dozen and a very large control group can be added up much more quickly than the intuitive guessers.

Everyone believes in women’s intuition without a bat of an eyelash in our office. Even the woman visiting today from the Phillips company stated that she totally “knows” it to be true when we told her about our study.  Some smirk at me for even *questioning* whether it is true. One of them laughingly belittled me in front of a patient (whose hunch was correct) for being skeptical at all about it, and the patient gave the most matter of fact response- “of course its true”. My coworkers are fond of confidently saying things like “80% of them are correct”, and “The patient’s 4 year olds are correct even more often- about 90% of the time”. I am the official office curmudgeon. Since I’m a guy, it follows thay *my* gender is to blame for my skepticism and that “guys don’t have good intuition”. I don’t react to all this. I think its pretty funny, because I am open minded to the possibility they are right.

I remind my coworkers that people have been trying unsuccessfully to prove ESP for hundreds of years, and that if we eventually did a formal study that showed anywhere *near* an 80% hit rate with a large sample size, I would take a shit in my own salad, sprinkle bacon bits on it, happily swallow it down, wipe my chin with toilet paper and gratefully share my Nobel prize with them all.

Women…Jesus Christ.

They don’t really get the significance of their claims or my desire to objectively evaluate them, but after all, who is nerdy enough to care about something like this anyway?

I am still baffled why larger scale studies have not been done.


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