They Sure play a Mean Pinball

2622909028_27af82d135 There is only one person in my office who understands the relevance of our intuition study, and tomorrow is her last day. She is a traveling contractor and her contract expires. Our office celebrated her going away at an upscale pizza joint after work.

The conversation at the table involved our intuition study. The perspectives of my coworkers are sort of stunning to me. Some of them just don’t care at all about the issue. Some think it’s such a no-brainer that there is no reason bothering to track the data. And yet the most surprising ones are those who say “I don’t see the significance of this thing, so what if women can intuit the gender?”

Oh-My-God.  I openly stated that I would have to order a pint before starting the conversation- make it two. Then it took me several minutes to explain to a smart well educated woman that I don’t care about women predicting the gender, I only want to know whether the mind can intuit something it cannot possibly know through standard sensory routes. “But what difference does that make?”. Dear in the headlights.

So the contractor looks at me and we just agree that “we can only do this alone”. I don’t know why I bother trying to explain any of this stuff to people. I have spent countless weeks, months and years thinking about these things that others scarcely consider.

There was a friendly wager years ago between Ken Wilber and Mike Murphy about what effect proving the existence of psi phenomena would have on the populace if it could ever be adequately proven. Murphy insisted that it would be revolutionary and would change everybody’s opinions drastically. Wilber on the other hand was correct- the people would put a puzzled expression on their faces and in a Homer Simpson voice say, “oooh thpooky”, then promptly forget about it and go about their business.

Of course no amount of experimentation such as the stuff Dean Radin is doing will ever prove psi any more than it already has. Taking Radin’s meta-analyses into account (the way he describes it in his books at least), it may be getting to the point where the only valid argument against the existence of psi is some sort of massive ingenious fraud through decades across entire organizations on a scale as preposterous as “9/11 was an inside job, and Bush orchestrated the whole thing”.

Need I repeat? Any small statistical variation will always be assumed to be a design flaw before it is assumed to be a psi effect, even if such flaws cannot be adequately accounted for. Unless someone levitates across the white house lawn, we will all just shrug at psi.


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