Robert Wright Goes Off the Deep End

I almost purchased Wright’s new book “the Evolution of God” ¬†weeks ago, until I saw the price tag. I was pleasantly surprised when my coworker brought her copy in this week and offered to let me read it during my vacation. I have enjoyed Wright’s other books tremendously- “Moral Animal” and “Nonzero”. I was amazed to see him interviewed in What is Enlightenment magazine and wondered why Cohen would interview the guy who wrote the evolutionary psychology manifesto- “Moral Animal”. But Wright agrees in part with Cohen that life is geared to guarantee evolution proceeds in a particular direction.

As is clear at minute 13, Robert Wright believes there is more than likely some sort of a “transcendent intelligence” in the universe which guarantees a moral framework.

I never would have thought I’d hear this from the guy who wrote the most beautifully damning indictment of the human experience ever penned, in “Moral Animal”. I applaud Wright for his ability to come to terms with two seemingly diametric points of view without becoming dogmatic. It is courageous and honest and I hope it opens the door for other serious scholars to do the same. I have a very hard time reconciling the nature of humanity and the mysteries that are clearly at hand. Spiritualists dismiss one out of hand, materialists dismiss the other out of hand, Wright holds them both in one hand without freaking out. He even went to a Buddhist retreat where he spent hours in meditation and experienced something more true and real than his daily consciousness.

About his book Wright says, “God is an illusion, and I am tracing the evolution of an illusion.”


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