You too can argue at such a high level if you attain a PhD! Lol!

Horgan Versus Wright

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think this absolutely requires several large glasses of wine to comprehend. I can’t recommend it otherwise. I am having spasms of laughter after 13 minutes so far. John Horgan reminds me of a wino and Rob Wright reminds me of a college student struggling with his faith for the first time. I love them both, have loved both of their books, and watching them argue in an intoxicated state is profoundly humorous. Background- Horgan has a big beef with Wright’s book and nobody on earth can pin down Wright’s actual beliefs. He believes that life is somehow intentionally geared in a directionality towards love, altruism etc… Yet he (like me), has no confidence in spiritual explanations.

I have no strong opinion one way or another whether ideas like Cohen’s evolutionary enlightenment or Wright’s evolutionary moral directionality are true. Major reason being that we all just die. Who cares if there is something evolving through time because it certainly isn’t me or you. We live and die in a minute snapshot of human history.

Note: WordPress hates the Safari browser I have found. Maybe I will get Firefox soon and try that. They also charge to embed video other than youtube which really sucks. I tried to embed this video but can’t.


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