When will Bob Wright start speaking in tongues?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Robert Wright and Barbara Hagerty vlog on mystical experience, psi, god helmets, meditation and consciousness. Hagerty wrote the book, “Fingerprints of God” and did a series of NPR segments about her exploration of the big spiritual questions. Robert Wright is still trying to hide the fact that he is a closet spiritualist, and plays along for an hour. He must not have made enough money selling his books to stop the charade.

Yahweh contemplating the creation of the earth

Yahweh contemplating the creation of the earth

Hagerty discusses the psistudies done on emotionally bonded couples. She personally observed one session which gave odds of 11,000 to 1. Then something puzzling happens. Wright begins talking about the possibility of some physical electromagnetic connection between brains, avoiding the discussion concerning distant interconnections, and revealing a sort of ignorance of what these psi experiments are, especially considering that these experiments are performed in highly sealed soundproof rooms and faraday cages which prevent any form of electromagnetic leakage. It is difficult to believe that someone as interested in these questions as Bob could so willfully keep this information at bay for so long. He knows that were he to profess his belief, or even take the experimentation seriously at all, academia would never take another word he writes seriously again. At some point he’ll have to make a decision.At 45 minutes, Wright spontaneously speculates that there may be some sort of “pure consciousness” which gets distorted as it enmeshes with brains and can be experienced more accurately through meditation. He then deftly rolls the analysis onto Hagerty, as if he was merely speaking on her behalf as a believer and not on his own.


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