Under the Cemetery Tree


Greetings from sunny L.A.

I conned my dad into getting a 24″ imac, which I am using right now, and he is pleased with it. After watching me make some HD movies with my handheld video camera and imovie, he is going out to get his own today.

I often feel guilty knowing so little about the history of my family. But it turns out nobody really does all that well. My grandmother does not seem to remember her parents in much detail, and three of her five siblings died young. As we were eating dinner at the table a couple of days ago, my mom related the following family story. I think I heard it before as a child but didn’t pay much attention because I didn’t know who she was talking about.

My great grandfather “Bill” was put into a nursing home against his will in Missouri many years ago. My grandmother and her sister “Bert”  lived here in the L.A. area and the rest of the family still lived in Missouri. Bill was always trying to escape from the nursing home, and they had to make special efforts to keep him confined. But one day he succeeded and went missing. The family spent the day searching everywhere for him to no avail. That night Bert had a dream laying in bed in California. They called her earlier so she knew her father had gone missing. In the dream she saw her father laying under a tree in the cemetery. When she awoke she called the family in Missouri and told them about the dream. They went down to the cemetery first thing and there he was laying at the foot of a tree, dead.


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