Sam Parnia’s Dream

In the lore of veridical out of body vision we have a treasure trove of unverifiable folk legends- Maria’s shoe, Pam’s drill, Miss Z’s 5 digit number, The missing dentures,  and here we have the witnessed conversations in the cafeteria while in a coma described at 5:30. I saw a guy on a talk show over ten years ago who described being electrocuted on the job and running around out of body trying to get someone to rescue him. Just as in this video, nobody saw him as he waved his hands in front of their faces and he couldn’t get their attention.

On the flip side we have the complete inability of the non-near death OBEr to validate squat even anecdotally  (apart from miss Z if we are to believe it). I find it interesting in these stories that you never hear about someone having a conversation, say, with the family in the lunch room. That would obviously be an hallucination. This could be a case of selective reporting however. Who would tell someone, “I was in a coma, went flying around out of my body and had a conversation with mom in the waiting room. Mom doesn’t remember it, but take my word for it”. But i have heard of at least one such thing from an OBEr (not in a coma).

Even devout skeptics like Susan Blackmore admit that there is just enough evidence to keep you interested…but…

I flipped through Charles Tart’s latest book “End of Materialism” recently and stumbled on an updated commentary about miss Z, who famously read a 5 digit number in his sleep chamber on a shelf she supposedly couldn’t see and then disappeared, never to be studied again. That was about 35 years ago. She was Tart’s babysitter, and by sheer happenstance she entered into conversation with Tart about his work with sleep and brainwaves and casually mentioned that she has had regular OBE’s since childhood. After successfully reciting the hidden 5 digit number, the only person in the history of recorded study who has ever successfully seen something concretely in the OOB state leaves town and cannot be studied again. Tart ruminates in the book over his lost opportunity. He really believed at that time that she had proven OOB vision and that it was not urgent to find her again as he would soon be able to replicate it with someone else. Decades later and nothing. Astonishingly (and I didn’t know this before the book) he saw her years later in a pizza parlor! Tart agonizes over the mature way to approach the situation. He doesn’t describe the exact exchange of words between them, but didn’t decide to aggressively pursue her as a research subject. In the end, Tart falls back on insinuating that somehow he felt the powers that be would not allow her ability to be confirmed at this time.  Fate. This is how he rationalizes letting it slip through his fingers. I have always had a strong aversion to this idea, as it seems such an outrageous cop-out. But consider the odds that you work as a sleep specialist with access to your own sleep chamber. And out of the blue your babysitter says she can go out of body and see things accurately. And she comes into the sleep chamber and correctly recites a 5 digit number. Then disappears. If true- Astronomically unlikely. So Tart’s idea of fate is understandable. Also it deserves to be pointed out that if these abilities are real and NDEs are real, the sheer mass of concerted activity or awareness used to keep them from being easily proven by the powers that be pretty much guarantees that neither Tart, Radin, or anyone else is going to prove a damned thing unless allowance is given. If that’s the case, the miss Z thing was only useful for proving it to Tart, and to those who don’t need much to believe.

As Blackmore says, just enough to make you wonder…. and no more.


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