Why Republicans are bad for America

FriedemanI just read Friedman’s editorial in the NY Times this morning. If you want to know the price America is paying for right wing vilification of climate change, environmental protection and the green movement, this is it. America continues to innovate, but sends all thejobs overseas.

Democrats are to blame too, but for different reasons. They’re spineless. If they weren’t so terrified of being labeled socialists,  nazis, fascists (you name it) they might be more apt to encourage some of the policies that would wean us off  mid-east oil and coal dependency – the latter being especially detrimental to our environment and future.

Democrats find it so much easier to feed at the trough of corporate lobbyists and special interest groups antithetical, almost by definition, to the common good. And that’s why I blame the Republicans (along with their multi-million dollar think tanks).

With their strident rhetoric, they have so thoroughly poisoned the “climate change” well that few politicians dare to drink from it. All the changes required to wrench this country away from oil and coal dependency will require government intervention of one kind or another. And that’s precisely the kind of policies that send Republicans into onanistic fits of ecstasy. They love nothing more than accusing “Liberals” of big governance and fiscal excess. It’s how Republicans get votes. Then, once they’re in power, they hand over governance to cronies and the private sector (and we all know how that turned out) – an astronomically expensive and disastrous war, a collapsed economy, rampant unemployment, stagnant wages, increased health costs, increased pollution. Meanwhile, America falls decades behind other countries in terms of health care and energy efficiency, costing us far, far more than any government program. Anything to keep the Republicans in power.


There is an alternative to government intervention. It’s called recession, unemployment, wage stagnation, etc… But that’s better than being called a big government, socialist, commie -progressive Liberal, right?

Someday the Democrats are going to get a clue. Fire is an effective way to fight fire.

3 Responses to “Why Republicans are bad for America”

  1. Notice how nobody defends liberalism. It’s a bad word. It’s so bad a word that even in the states Obama won by a wide margin the self described “conservatives” outnumbered the “liberals”. I was amazed to see Obama defending some form of liberalism in his recent talk. I noticed how it disempowered some of the rhetoric from the right. The power of the words “socialist”, “communist” are conversation stoppers. Democrats are not tapping into the opposite line of attack- the one actually based in reality, which is that all of these problems – the banking industry failure, climate issues, outrageous oil prices, , outrageous health care costs- every single major issue on the table became an issue *because* of unregulated greed driving for profit and bilking the people. All of these problems became problems because the quest for monetary gain has trumped the will of the people for so many years. Now as we try to add some form of regulation to balance things out, all these clowns can do is worry about “socialism”. Unfortunately, we have no counter buzz word for the opposite of socialism- the force that caused all these problems that wrecked the economy and cause the U.S. to pay almost twice as much for healthcare. The closest thing may be “anarchy”. Whatever it is, these teabagging assbaggers are incapable of acknowledging the actual problems that led us down this road. According to them, Barney Frank and ACORN are more worth talking about all day every day, than anything else. Anything at all to distract people from the actual causes of the problems.

  2. Man made “Global Warming” will go down as the single biggest scientific hoax in human history.
    > Gigantic herds of career/agenda driven zealots have rabidly embraced the belief that consensus equates science while simultaneously ignoring the blaring difference between causation and corelation while they drool over possible grants and endless govt funding. Gore had $2 million when he left office, now he has over $100 million.
    > Now we learn albeit through hacking, that the CRU and other relevant GW agencies used lies and completely fabricated information upon which to base their “data.” All of Gore’s books, movies, and future pictures of the earth; all lies.

    • //Now we learn albeit through hacking, that the CRU and other relevant GW agencies used lies and completely fabricated information upon which to base their “data.”//

      We have? Where is this crushing evidence of lies and fabrication? I haven’t seen it.

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