Frank Schaeffer on GOP evangelical lunatics

Poll- More than 1 in 3 conservatives in New Jersey thinks the president might be the antichrist. What is the tally in South Carolina?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it described so well… maybe by Sam Harris, but Sam was never a Christian. This man knows intimately the minds of the evangelicals. The left doesn’t fully get it, much of the right doesn’t even get it. Facts literally do not matter to these people and it is a waste of everyone’s time trying to debate, just like Dawkins debating Comfort would be a sure win for Comfort and loss for Dawkins despite what was said.

We watch Fox news and wonder how on *earth* anyone can listen to Sean Hannity for five minutes without their bullshit detector smoking and going on tilt. We’re talking about a bloc of Christianity who are very comfortable and adept at defending beliefs and opinions that are totally independent of facts and evidence. Their preoccupation with faith spills into their politics- birthers, deathers, antichrist… facts hold no sway. Their description of the world is determined by how they want to paint it. However they want to describe it *becomes* the truth to them. Everything else is just liberal bias,


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