An Engineer has a high detail OBE/NDE experience

This one I found profoundly fascinating. Very few accounts come from logical engineer types. More veridical anecdotes (6:30), though only convincing to the experiencer. Here we learn that it takes two weeks for a “seat of consciousness” to “become deconditioned to the customary modalities of perception” after exiting the body (until then you continue feeling like you have a body and limiting your perception to what you are accustom to like jello in a mold), how to perform a “core dump” to remember (usually the memory is not downloaded into the neurology), and that somehow the interface of consciousness involves the “nerve endings” or synapses and it takes a little while to integrate the two. “What is my source of propulsion?” Willpower. “What can I do?”… go anywhere, do anything.

I wonder if David Chalmers would consider this man’s experience to be potentially true at face value after a couple of beers. He is apt to think that a thermostat is probably conscious….. but I bet he would be less likely to believe this guy’s story (at least in public).


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