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Happy Birthday

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Vibrations debunked! Hemisync

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Recently I have been experimenting with the Monroe Institute Gateway recordings. They are similar to guided meditations and use hemisync  and white noise to guide one through the states of consciousness. I expected nothing the first time I tried it, but was absolutely astonished to find that it got me to the same point of awaking fully conscious in the sleep state as I had described before. Second time I tried it, it worked again. It is semi-cheezy, but it works. When you let yourself drift off, the white noise and hemisync will switch across speakers in your ear phones and grab your attention. You will wake to full consciousness while your body is in a sleep state. You can then explore the interesting states of consciousness in that twilight zone.

Last night I noticed around 4 am that there was a subtle vibration. It travels throughout my house and I realized after a couple of minutes looking around, sitting up in bed, that it wasn’t the OBE vibration I had originally thought it was. Disappointed, and embarrassed, I am forced to come clean about it in the post. I am not sure what is causing the vibration but suspect it involves the furnace under the house. Waa waa waa waaaaa….. It may indeed be that one must needs be hypnotically suggestible to experience the OBE.

Ghost in the goofed up machine?

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You be the judge. Here are a smattering of extraordinarily enlightened youtube comments:

alpharben (2 minutes ago)

Welcome to Obama’s heath care. Keep in mind they promised the H1N1 virus was going to be available to all by mid Oct, Now is nid to end of Nov. IS THIS WHAT GOVT HEALTH CARE IS ALL ALBOUT?

nickthecomedian (8 minutes ago)


BusterBryant (11 minutes ago)

wow this is so sad. my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Shes very brave to let them video tape her story also!


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No fancy tricks here. I started off just screwing around, but then had so much fun I regretted not spending more time on this to make some sort of quality  video. I may redo it, but I don’t want t stay up late. Had to share it today.

I also had the idea of using a digital greenscreen. It worked! I made a blank green screen in keynote, put some stuff on it and sent it to imovie and overlapped it.

Youtube won’t allow me to play the America theme song, despite several videos on their site which do allow it. Beats me why. That’s two videos I can’t share.

Animation Exercise

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I learned a lot today. This little video is an attempt at making a simple project come out smooth. Keynote has a feature called “Magic move” which allows a seamless transfer from one slide to another giving the appearance of moving animation. I was also successful in sizing and embedding a screen capture. Eventually all this will be a piece of cake, but it’s like fumbling around for the buttons on a new remote control right now.

Bob Monroe Versus Olaf Blanke

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Experimenting with embedding video . I was disappointed that the Olaf video top and bottom edges were cut off upon embed. I could see no apparent way to fix this.

I am certainly not convinced that Monroe’s experiences were true out of the body experiences, but I am amazed at the sensationalized press surrounding the Blanke study. Everywhere you looked, every article you saw may as well have said in large bold letters, “OBE’s explained away!” Poppycock. The conflation of the term “OBE” to describe these body illusion experiences is ignorant and irresponsible. It strikes me as it does when someone calls creationism a science. Typical OBE’s come from a sleep state where the eyes are closed whereas these optical illusions come from a sensory state where visual feedback is distorting the brain’s perception. OBE’s explained away!


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Update: I discovered three ways to imbed clips into existing movies. You can plug mp4’s directly into imovie or keynote. It’s much easier to do it in keynote than imovie. But how do you get the mp4? At first I tried to screen capture off of youtube using Camtasia. I thought it would be easy, but after an hour of trying to make it work, I could not find out how to modify the size of the image appropriate for the page. It would squish my earth video no matter what setting I used. I gave up and tried downloading the flv/mp4 using the Firefox application. It works beautifully! You don’t even have to convert the flv to mp4 it does it for you in seconds! Not only that, but the size fits easily into the project without having to modify anything other than the 2 seconds it takes to drag the cursors. I cannot overstate how amazed I am by keynote. It just works. I tried to embed all three videos on one page simultaneously and my computer got a little ways in and couldn’t deal with it, but I forgive it for that. Turns out you don’t even have to modify the flv/mp4 to get to the part you need. Keynote allows you to crop movie clips to play only the part you want.

File size: 51Mb   Time to upload to youtube: 3 minutes 8 seconds.

Make sure to click “watch in HD”

720 test