NPR’s Steve Paulson Discusses Sam Harris

In this interview on Skeptico, NPR’s Steve Paulson describes being blown away when he interviewed Sam Harris. Paulson learns that America’s most famous atheist is open to the possibility of life after death, ESP, and the possibility that consciousness goes all the way down to subatomic particles. I have even heard Harris discuss his respect for Ian Stevenson’s reincarnation research, suggesting that he is open to the possibility. Harris has read Dean Radin’s book “Conscious Universe”, and although he maintains an attitude of skepticism on psi, he is clearly not fully convinced of Radin’s skeptics.

What is the difference between Harris and his colleagues? I think I know: He is younger. And I am not suggesting he is naive for being younger. I am suggesting that the latest generations of Americans are growing up understanding that the universe doesn’t operate like a big pinball machine.  The older ones were taught that it pretty much was, and they often still pretend it is. Just a few short decades ago we had weird things like segregation, and people wandering around who actually still believed in things like behaviorism. Many of them still haven’t died, while the young among us have never existed in a framework where such things were the norm. Harris is well into his 40’s, but he is young enough to have avoided becoming emotionally attached to the dogmatic materialism of his peers. His razor sharp mind and constant discipline is like a spiritual practice in it’s rigor.  I think Harris does “the Lawrd’s work”.


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