Hallucinogenic trips, (another variation of the lucid dream), are a source of wonderment and fascination. For the record, I’ve never tried any of it. Here is Joe Rogan, stand up comedian, former host of fear factor, and announcer for the UFC talking about DMT the “Spirit molecule”. The things he says about DMT being released during NDEs is unverified conjecture by Rick Strassman M.D.,  the author of  “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” .

Also, Doug Stanhope, a vulgar comedian describes his DMT experience amazingly similar to an NDErs “downloading of all knowledge”. Interesting.

I am left with the same sense that all of these phenomena- OBE’s, dreaming, Hallucinogenic trips, and NDEs must be somehow related. Which sort of argues for a more biological origin in my opinion. The NDE being given more credence than a trip because of its more organized narrative and because it can happen when the brain should not be functioning properly.

I am going through a psychology wicki entry on NDEs which is very good. They discuss Karl Jansen, the ketamine research expert who famously went from being a hardened materialist to actually considering that NDEs and various hallucinogenic experiences may be portals into actual after death realities. In some of his interviews I read last night (which I have no link for) he appears to me to truly believe that some trippers are holding conversations with discarnate beings and it sounds like he would probably bet on it if forced. It is worth noting that he had his own NDE from a motorcycle accident. There is not much available on Jansen that wasn’t available 10 years ago. He has said, “Claims that NDE’s must have a single explanation (e.g. Ring, 1980), or that a scientific theory must explain all of the experiences ever given the name of NDE (e.g. Gabbard and Twemlow, 1989) are difficult to justify (Jansen, 1995).” Impossible to justify, particularly when the same experiences can happen nowhere near death, as well as within the period closest to death as possible without being permanently gone.

It is also refreshing that the wicki article states, “It should also be noted that Susan Blackmore’s “Dying Brain Hypothesis” has been soundly refuted by recent studies conducted in the Netherlands on the physiological mechanisms of a so-called dying brain.”

Unfortunately, people in the general public, many doctors among them, are completely unaware of this and have given no thought of the subject for many years. They would salute to any physiological explanation drawn up the flagpole, no matter how sketchy or inadequate, and leave the subject at that.

It remains an astonishment to me how so many hardened materialists, even those heavily involved in public debate,  simply don’t know the first thing about NDEs and the debates and mysteries surrounding them. When we see people immediately dismiss these mysteries with a wave of the hand, we know there is a strong blinding dogma at play.


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