Near Journeys

The first 70 or so pages of Robert Monroe’s second book chronicles his work with the Monroe Institute and their work in sleep chambers. People have all sorts of interesting experiences in these chambers including lucid dreams/OBEs, channeling, and supposed communications with other beings.

Frankly, I find none of this very compelling. I find the Gateway Institutes sleep chamber sessions remarkably similar to past life regressions (which I do not believe in). One very telling thing in the book was the change that happened when Monroe altered the affirmation he gave the “explorers”. The original affirmation was “I am more than my physical body….I can perceive that which is more than the physical world…..”. With that *suggestion* given prior to the sessions, Monroe got a particular set of experiences in the isolation chambers which generally did not involve other “beings”. Then he says he later added something to the affirmation. He added- “I deeply  desire the help and cooperation , the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal to or greater than my own…..” Suddenly the experience of meeting other beings in these focus states took off. Gee, big surprise.

It is a similar phenomenon to that of past life regression hypnosis where your past lives and the quality of the between life period depends on which therapist you happen to choose to regress you.

I disbelieve.  Moreover, don’t see how one can jump to the conclusion, as this video does, that just because one can have a conscious experience outside their body awareness, that there is automatic certainty that they can exist without their body. The evidence Monroe was able to acquire after hundreds of OBEs contains nothing that would convince a third party that we survive bodily death. Nothing. It was convincing only to himself.


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