The Power of Furled Eyebrows

It is amazing the power a set of furled crooked brows can have over people.

15 Responses to “The Power of Furled Eyebrows”

  1. Oh Aaron,

    This is just exquisite!

    Thank You!


  2. jackpot12 Says:

    as it were, yes.

  3. jackpot12 Says:

    You know you have shed your ego when you wander around wearing a red speedo in front of a bunch of young hot naive women who are open to anything.

  4. Aaron,

    We had a conversation where we talked about the demographics of the participants of cults. The vast majority of members seem to fall into the 20 to 25 year old range (hence, the distribution is likely positively skewed), with a trailing off from 25 to 30 year olds, at which point it essentially stops.

    Transitions are dangerous times in people’s lives because they don’t know what to do. That’s where vulnerability and risk come in. Enter Andy Cohen and his seminars, Kenneth Wilberforce, and the former “What Is Enlightenment?” magazine and others, each competing against each other for bombshell young adherents–boys and girls who look like models and (the cult leaders hope) are loyal, articulate, and above all, subservient.

    The boys join because they want the bombshell girls, which of course are subservient to the guru. The guru therefore gains control over the boys. The girls are enthralled by the power that they think exudes from the guru. In the end, both orbit around the guru, but lean past him (or in rare cases, her) to find each other. And when they find each other, the supple young bombshell 22 year olds flirt, date furtively, fall in lust, and most importantly, have sex.

    Although this is purely speculative, it is interesting to note that there don’t appear to be any homosexuals among the followers of the decisively heterosexual Kenneth Wilberforces and Andy Cohens of the world. Why is that? It’s as if there are no homosexuals in cults at all!

    Could that possibly be the case, and if so, what do we know that other people don’t? Or do we simply find out that every cult is rabidly anti-gay?


  5. jackpot12 Says:

    After watching this video I was struck by a sense of despair at the futility of human existence. I do not doubt that adi da was a great sage. He lived and studied among some the greatest sages of all time and reached whatever spiritual goals any human could imaginably attain. Yet what became of the man? Sex scandals, lawsuits, exile, an old broken down body. In one video he basically puts a guilt trip on his cult members for betraying him and not obeying him closely enough. This is it- it is all a mirage, all ideas of ” attainment” of anything in life seem empty and futile to me.

  6. //After watching this video I was struck by a sense of despair at the futility of human existence. //


    Not me. If you take a character like Frank (Bubba) seriously, then you would probably be disillusioned. The idea that you have to sit in meditation and wear a robe to reach enlightenment is what is absurd. The whole spiritual/religious paradigm is almost always a model for self-serving political ambition. Religion is the story of earthly power – power over others and power over material wealth. While there are exceptions, there is almost always an individual or institution accumulating wealth and influence at the center of a church or religion. Bubba was no different. They’re *all* cults.

  7. //I do not doubt that adi da was a great sage.//

    I do.

    …by the way.

  8. jackpot12 Says:

    I do not, but don’t misunderstand. That is my way of saying there are no “great sages”. Spiritual wisdom doesn’t save anyone. This obvious discrepancy in behavior and spiritual heights led Wilber to revamp his philosophy to consider that there are multiple lines of development. One can be a spiritual master and an ignorant fool simultaneously.

  9. Aaron,

    Let’s talk about Bubbess Liz Ross’s California retreat sex scandal. Essentially, as I understand it, she founded a community of females (of course) with a psychic medium who channeled (bodily) the spirits of the females’ deceased husbands, going so far as to fuck the bereaved widows. Now, can we take as credible a woman who simultaneously claims that we survive death “beyond a shadow of a doubt” yet facilitated orgies? Aaron, the woman was crazy. Crazies, like birds of a feather, flock together. Hence, you’ve got the holy alliance of Bubba Monroe and Bubbess Ross, the unholy alliance of Bubbess Ross and Ernest Becker (who was, of course, an annihilationist), and so on and so forth.

    And in the mdist of all of this mayhem, philosopher-psychiatrist “Sugar” Blu-Ray A. (A-hole?) Moody declares that from a logical standpoint, it’s simply not possible to “survive” death. It is a logical contradiction. Ah, the voice of reason!

    Frankly, I’d like to round up all of these people and bitch-slap them (both forehand and backhand, and that, only for starters) until they confess the truth once and for all time! Among the most virulently religious we must count: Dan Dennett, Samuel Harris, Tricky Dick Dawkins, Mike Persinger, Siouxsie Blackwhore, and that faggot anti-“Pam Reynolds” pretend anesthesiologist from the Netherlands, if I recall.

    I don’t know about you, but personally, I don’t like Bubba Monroe, nor do I care much for Harvard Professor (Emeritus) Tim Leary.

    To the pro-survivalists, I say: Shoot them all! Let’s find out.

    To the pro-annihilationists, I say: Shoot them all!


  10. jackpot12 Says:

    Amusing, as it were. It appears as if Mr. Monroe’s out of body experiences were likely just some sort of masturbatory perterbations of glial sodium and pottassium channels.

    Last night I did enter into the classic “vibratory state”, which I will expound upon if I have time later. I considered for a moment that Mrs. Elizabeth DMT Elf “Keebler” Ross had brought some sort of interesting cylindrical toy into my bed.


  12. I think that it behooves us (literally) all to read, and read again, Bubba McEwan’s comments:




  13. //ast night I did enter into the classic “vibratory state”, which I will expound upon if I have time later.//

    Yeah, a mastered that stage, but I was never able to have an OBE (and I tried assiduously when I was in College). I also can’t be hypnotized (or at least everyone who has tried with a more than willing subject has failed). I wonder if the two are related?

    It’s cool that you’re trying, though. Why not? It’s the only way to find out.

  14. Please describe these vibrational states. For me they can be felt mainly in the neck and chest.

    At least you know that if I say I saw something I could not have known earlier, I am not making it up. Of note, last night was the first time I actually dreamed of trying to have an OBE. I turned face down 180 degrees opposite my body and tried to get out of the body butt first doing a sort of push-up. I could not get through the resistance. It felt like I was pressing my ass against a taut membrane. That’s all I remember. If I would have made it through I would have chalked that up to just a dream.

    I have tried to do this several times over the years, but quickly give up because it interferes with sleep. But this is the first time I have seen some of the classic guideposts. Before I would try to stay awake in sleep. I ended up staying awake all night and feeling exhausted the next day. You have to actually go to sleep and catch yourself awake within it. I think the vibrations are actually what wakes me up. I make the mistake of moving to figure out what is causing it. I guess you are supposed to stay still.

    p.s. I am certain I couldn’t be hypnotized. Nobody has ever tried, but I wouldn’t even come close I’m sure.

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