Vibrations! But not the first time…

A video about the classic vibratory state preceding the OBE. (won’t imbed)

Last year I had some interesting experiences in the wee hours of the morning which I may have written about briefly. For a period of several days,  I would awaken around 4-5 am with my house slightly rumbling. I consider at first it may have been a small earthquake, but quickly noticed that it kept going and was very steady unlike an earthquake. I then considered that it was a truck parked in the road rumbling. But I noticed that I heard no engine and realized it wasn’t. Then I considered it was an annoying traffic helicopter surveying this bridge nearby which is notorious for traffic backups. But I could not hear the rotors, so I ruled that out. Annoyed I tried to sleep and the vibrating eventually went away. Each morning when this happened around the same time I would be very annoyed. Nothing bugs me like interrupted sleep, especially when I have to wake up in an hour or two. I considered talking to my neighbor to see who was making this rumbling. I was worried that the walls and cement in the backyard patio would be stressed from this shaking or that the foundation was unsettled. Along about day 2 or 3 of this I began to notice there was no evidence that anything outside of the bed was vibrating. I could hear no noise to indicate a vehicle or anything else. I considered there was a problem with the furnace under the crawl space, but when I observed  it came on smoothly every time. As I would become aware, the vibrations settled and gradually went away. At some point I noticed that these rumblings were no longer happening and 0ver a year went by with nothing. Because I was not thinking about OBEs or NDEs, it took me some time before I considered that what I was experiencing was that classic vibratory state people talk about. I ultimately reasoned that this was what it must have been, despite no longer having an interest in NDEs and OBEs.

I expand so much on this because I want to emphasize how totally indistinguishable these vibrations are from any other sensory physical vibration. It took me days to realize it wasn’t really my house or bed shaking beneath me. A friend of mine had an experience where the vibrations she experienced in bed were so power that she panicked and called her mother telling her that there was something shaking her bed. This kept happening every time she tried to sleep that night. She tried to sleep and saw a tunnel with a light at the end of it. She knew about this and reasoned that if she went down the tunnel she would die. But eventually she got so tired of it she decided to go down the tunnel. When she arrived at the light, she found herself on an exquisitely realistic battlefield where men in uniform were lying sprawled out dead with smoke in the distance. She had to step around the bodies as she “walked”. Interesting OBE, but that was the end of it.

So this morning I had the same exact experience as before, only this time I was actually trying to have an OBE. The same thoughts came to mind- ” is there a truck parked outside my window?”. I was perfectly aware, not in a paralysis state, just wondering what is shaking my bed. So I reached with my hand and felt the bed and the head board and neither was shaking at all. The vibratory feeling stayed going for a few more seconds even when I was testing the bed, then disappeared.

This is not an uncommon experience I now understand. It is almost pathognomonic for the OBE. However for me, each time I have noticed it I have not been in a sleep state or trance state at all. I am awake with a fully intact rational mind. What is interesting is how little is known about these vibrations. What are they? What causes them? Are they little seizures of the motor cortex?Is it the result of staying awake while the body is asleep? Is it, as this video conjectures, really when you are “out of phase” with your physical body?


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