Bob Monroe Versus Olaf Blanke

Experimenting with embedding video . I was disappointed that the Olaf video top and bottom edges were cut off upon embed. I could see no apparent way to fix this.

I am certainly not convinced that Monroe’s experiences were true out of the body experiences, but I am amazed at the sensationalized press surrounding the Blanke study. Everywhere you looked, every article you saw may as well have said in large bold letters, “OBE’s explained away!” Poppycock. The conflation of the term “OBE” to describe these body illusion experiences is ignorant and irresponsible. It strikes me as it does when someone calls creationism a science. Typical OBE’s come from a sleep state where the eyes are closed whereas these optical illusions come from a sensory state where visual feedback is distorting the brain’s perception. OBE’s explained away!


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