Vibrations debunked! Hemisync



Recently I have been experimenting with the Monroe Institute Gateway recordings. They are similar to guided meditations and use hemisync  and white noise to guide one through the states of consciousness. I expected nothing the first time I tried it, but was absolutely astonished to find that it got me to the same point of awaking fully conscious in the sleep state as I had described before. Second time I tried it, it worked again. It is semi-cheezy, but it works. When you let yourself drift off, the white noise and hemisync will switch across speakers in your ear phones and grab your attention. You will wake to full consciousness while your body is in a sleep state. You can then explore the interesting states of consciousness in that twilight zone.

Last night I noticed around 4 am that there was a subtle vibration. It travels throughout my house and I realized after a couple of minutes looking around, sitting up in bed, that it wasn’t the OBE vibration I had originally thought it was. Disappointed, and embarrassed, I am forced to come clean about it in the post. I am not sure what is causing the vibration but suspect it involves the furnace under the house. Waa waa waa waaaaa….. It may indeed be that one must needs be hypnotically suggestible to experience the OBE.


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