The vibrations are real

Okay, this is getting to be absolutely ridiculous, I know. I just went into the deepest state yet using the hemisync tracks in my ipod. I not only experienced the vibrations but was able to manipulate them and track them up and down my body. I could make them come and go. Being the weekend , I could analyze it in detail for as long as I wanted. When I was ready to stop the session, I could not move my body for a brief time. I was in paralysis. The vibrations stopped the moment I begin to reintegrate control of my body from the paralysis. So I think it is possible that the vibrations are spurred by an environmental movement of some kind- my furnace kicking on or something, but this is not the source of it. It is a very subtle vibration, it actually feels soothing and it travels up and down the body (or should I say, the microseizures travel up and down my motor cortex or through the microscarring of my Sylvian fissure?). So I am at a loss as to why I can’t have the OBE. I am getting as close as one can get. I actually feel at times I can just lift out, but so far no dice. My visualizations are far more lucid than usual. I really am enjoying the hemisync tapes. Without them I am sure I would not reach this level of control. It actually is enjoyable being able t0 explore these states even without having the OBE, so I plan on keeping up with my experimentation. And yes, I still place a card face up on the side every time just in case.


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