Total Wipeout

Is it not like shooting fish in a barrel with a Sherman Tank? I supply part two out of 5 here because of the glorious rampage of Hitchens at the 3 minute mark. “You’re a child made in the image of god, oh no you’re not you’re a faggit!”

The final result of the debate tallied by the audience was as devastating as one could conceive possible.

Catholics supported slavery, condemned Galileo, denied the natural history of the earth with vehemence, deny condoms in Africa at the expense of thousands, and turned a blind eye to Hitler’s final solution, only to stand on high in modern times and try to claim some moral highground, dismissing the errors of the past as trifling aberrations. Fry points it out saying that the Catholic church was for slavery before they were against it, then they made the excuse “well we couldn’t know better because nobody else did.”,

“Then what are you for!!!?” Shouts Fry.

The answer is “nothing”. Religion, primarily the Western ones, have been a chronicle of mankind’s marriage of emotion and mystery with ignorance and superstition.  It has been superseded in every imaginable way on every front there is -psychology, sociology, natural history, medicine, anthropology, and even meditation and spiritual inquiry itself. But since being trumped and swallowed whole by modernity under the very roots of the hallowed ground it plants itself on, these monoliths of stubborn unenlightenment still use the terms “God” and “Religion” as if somehow these words still speak for an institution with credibility.


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