OBE Abduction Experiences

mack I’ve been watching videos by John E. Mack, the late Harvard professor and Pulitzer prize winner who was virtually outcasted from academia due to his obsession with alien abductions and UFO’s. He was ultimately hit and killed by a drunk driver.

I don’t believe in alien visitations, but some of his case studies are very interesting. I believe the bulk of his work comes from reports of people in dream states at night, and hypnosis which again I tend strongly not to believe in. The interesting cases are those which supposedly happened in plain sight during the day, but those are rare.

What I find most striking about these stories, is how incredibly obvious it is that they are OBEs. I am not the first to realize that “alien abductions” are a subclass of OBE. The OBE author William Buhlman is outspoken about the idea. The typical accounts I saw browsing youtube today occurred in sleep, almost always involved a very powerful paralysis, often involved floating sensations, a bright light with no point source, and many even involve meeting light beings which exude unconditional love.

D.J. Groethe, the atheistic materialist at Point of Inquiry related an experience on a recent show where he had a classic alien abduction/obe experience where he saw a little creature in his room. He knew that if he didn’t know about these experiences he may very well mistake this for some sort of alien encounter.

What is the ontological status of these beings? One thing we know is, they sure are convincing. I have never seen accounts of people who have lucid OBEs on a regular basis and walk around telling everyone that they aren’t real in some profound way. The tie between OBEs and abductions is obvious, but I wonder if John Mack realized it.

Get a load of this weird video that illustrates my point at the 5 minute mark:

I asked this guy why he could not see a playing card or read a number OOB. He wrote something about how astral vision was different. At least he was honest. OBErs can’t see the physical world at all. I’m sure they’ve all tried numerous times.


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