Bubbas Rupert, Russel, Radin and Richard

In this video the woman gets 8/17 correct (47%) with p=.04

Written up in  2004, Rupert had done 850 trials with 65 participants with a staggering 42% hit rate and a p value of .00000000000000000000000001

(1 x 10-26)

So either psi is real, Rupert Sheldrake is a complete fraud, or  he is such an incompetent researcher that he allowed sensory leakage to spoil the results. The experiment is so damned simple its hard to imagine how cheating could be done.

Is Rupert Sheldrake a charlatan or a genius? His academic cred is substantial. But his claims of generating hugely significant ESP studies such as telephone telepathy are still denied by life long skeptics like Richard Wiseman who always finds a way not to see evidence where Rupert and Radin see staggering degrees evidence.

Its weird how amazingly simple it is to run an ESP test like this. My gawd, families like this would sign up for free just for S&G’s. Crap, you may even want to charge them for the fun! You could video tape all activity to ensure lack of cheating. You could hire volunteers to run the experiments. Why oh why are not thousands of people running these experiments so we can figure this thing out once and for all? Dean Radin states on his blog that he is inspired by this video to begin his own American telephone telepathy experiment. No degree of “results” will prove anything. We can rest assured that Radin will get *staggering* odds against chance, and that someone will claim some off thing about the experiment, rendering the entire thing unaccepted.

I have had many telephone telepathy experiences. Just recently I did an ultrasound for some old friends of mine. It was a good experience. I was standing in my kitchen a couple of days later thinking of them and wondering how they were doing and not more than 10 seconds later they called. I didn’t know they even had my number still. It could have been a coincidence, but when it does happen, it sure gives one the impression that something interesting happened.

On another note, I just downloaded the ESP trainer App for the iphone by Russel Targ. It is free and simple. I’ll probably delete it soon, but I want to test everyone in my office to see the tally.  I have repeatedly revealed to myself over the years that I do not have ESP. But interestingly enough, when I do decide to keep track of my own ESP experimentation on various online tests, I tend to be ahead of chance in the beginning, then it goes to 50/50. I often thought that if you could only count the beginnings of my exploits I would have stunning results against chance. The believers claim there is a tapering off effect as ones attention and interest wane in repetitive boring trials. Maybe.


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