Devastating Rebuttal to Pim?


Can we really know what is going on in the brain during the NDE? This article originally published in Skeptic magazine 2008 has challenged many of my assumptions. According to the article, deep brain activity can result in vivid realistic hallucinatory narratives with no cortical activity. It also gives evidence to suggest that EEGs commonly do not register this deeper subcortical brain activity even when it is in seizure! I have no way to verify the veracity of these claims or whether the references are speculative or objective. I suspect much of this is debatable, since we need more understanding of the dying brain.

I wonder if OBEs are literally seizures of the brain. In all, we don’t really know what the state of the brain is during the NDE, it is impossible to say that ones brain is “dead” at a given point. One thing I tend to agree with the article about is that Sabom, Parnia and Van Lommel tend to greatly oversimplify the reality behind the dying brain. The only thing that would prove it is total veridical perception of something impossible to otherwise know. Have a look- Article.


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