Why have we been lied to

The case of “Pam Reynolds” is a scam and a lie. She was demonstrably nowhere near standstill when her OBE began. The propagation of the mythology of the Pam Reynolds case by the those like Michael Sabom is simply negligent. It has been known all along that the OBE/NDE did not happen anywhere near the standstill procedure. Surprisingly, we have been lied to all this time. Outright. Knowingly.

The Pam Reynolds case was but a simple case of a woman having an OBE during anesthesia nowhere near standstill. This is not unprecedented. People become aware during anesthesia by the thousands each year. There remain some extremely interesting facts surrounding her ability to correctly identify some elements of the procedure, but it is not at all justified to say that it is impossible to have happened without an actual out of body perception.

Including this, Keith Augustine with his 2008 update goes into detail about cases of NDE OBE which describes things inaccurately in the environment just as sleep OBEs do. They seem to be the same experience. I strongly doubt that Parnia will find a single person who even sees that there is a sign above the OR, leave alone seeing what it actually is.


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