Its All Just a Phase

I am almost done reading the phase (OBE) book by Michael Raduga. There are several interesting observations he makes which I will include.

First I want to note the two times I can remember where I was actually in what he would call “the phase” ( a term which includes lucid dreams, OBE’s, alien abductions, and NDEs). The one was the meeting with the guides I have written about. The other happened when I was probably 4 or 5 years old in California. It was so realistic that it was impossible to discern from reality. I was sitting in front of a fold out table in our camper in the Sierras somewhere probably. My dad, brother and uncle were there. It was dusk, My mom was cutting my steak into tiny cubes so I could eat it the way she always did then. I knew the environment was a bit surreal at first, but as my vision honed in on the steak it appeared perfectly lifelike, as did the camper and everything else. I can’t remember if I ate any of it. My dad, brother and uncle decided to go running through the terrain at dusk- an event which never would have happened, proving that this experience was not a waking state. They were excited and all the conversation was perfectly natural. They went outside and started running and I was jealous I was too young to follow them. It was entirely lifelike, not like a dream. Next I remember glancing over the foothills silhouetted at dusk and there were two enormous flowers, like those from a child’s coloring book (daisies) sprouting from the mountain (hundreds of feet tall). I looked at it and thought something like, “weird that doesn’t look real at all, but everything else seems perfectly real.” I have always maintained this memory because for years I could not tell whether this actually happened or not. Now I realize it was in “the phase”. It was a dream that was so entirely realistic that it was not discernible from reality apart from the impossible imagery. There were probably others I just can’t remember.

Raduga states:

“If the first experience with the phase phenomenon

happens by accident, it is almost impossible not to interpret it as a

real separation of the soul from the body – a physical exit. This is

how the initial phase experience really feels. With experience it

becomes easily noticeable that certain things in reality do not match

things in the phase, like the placement of objects or furniture in the

house where a phase is first encountered. No actual physical exit from the body has ever been proven through scientific experimentation and observation. For example, in

the phase, it is not possible to fly around to locations in physical

world, although it may seem so, the locations that are experienced are

produced within the mind. Nor is it possible to pinch someone in the

phase and then to find a bruise on the person while in reality.”

Assume that the phase state is just an exceptionally unusual state

of brain and that perception within it is no more than an unusually

realistic play of its functions. Assume that a practitioner in the phase

decides to travel to a forest…….

The brain creates a hyper-realistic space superior to that of everyday

reality, consisting of millions of blades of grass, leaves, hundreds of

trees, and a multitude of sounds. Each blade of grass has depth and

build, not just a point. Each leaf also consists of component parts. A

unique, natural pattern makes up the bark of each tree.

Suddenly, a wind begins to blow through the forest, and millions

of leaves and blades of grass, following a mathematical model of the

propagation of air masses, begin oscillating in a wavelike fashion.

Thus, a certain resource inside us is capable in mere seconds not only

of creating millions of details in the desired scene, but also to control

each of those details individually!….

No computer, however powerful, is capable of similar


All in all, in order to approach knowing the

whole of the information available in the phase, personal knowledge

capacity would need to increase by 100 or even 1,000 times…..

The only information that is not available in the phase is that

about which the subconscious mind does not have any preliminary



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