D’Souza’s Sophomoric Arguments

Dinesh's Crowning Achievement: Being Born Again



Oh good gaaawwwwdddd. I can’t believe I even considered buying this guy’s book. It goes to show that any of us have the ability to write a successful book about the evidence for the afterlife (couldn’t be any more sophomoric than Dinesh’s), but we just lack the name recognition. Here is a guy who starts the show by talking about how the existence of hell in religion is some sort of powerful refutation of atheism because, as Dinesh says, if religion is all about providing an afterlife paradise why would it include a hell? Almost giggling with self-congratulatory brilliance. He says it twice, so I guess he really is this short sighted. I shudder to think that he has never considered that people long for justice beyond the grave and the addition of hell provides a place where enemies can dwell. Every religion or spiritual system has a way to contionue justice after death- hell, karma, learning lessons, being forced to reincarnate until you are “enlightened”. This is as obvious as breathing the air, but apparently an elusive concept for D’souza.  But of course, I often wonder when I hear conservatives talk about anything, whether they even believe what they say. Could D’souza really not have thought of this? Or is this just the same old talk radio canard of hoping your audience doesn’t know a whole lot so you can make a point that seems convincing? Reminds me of when the fake T.V. preacher Robert Tilton said, “there are five people watching me right now, and you’re one of them!” (never mind the show was taped). I guess it weeds out all those threatening elitists who might know better, leaving only those dumb enough to think they actually are one of 5 watching.

My perception of D’souza as a smart idiot is validated by this. But granted, a person who has never had an NDE who scours the NDE literature in a scholarly way only to come to the conclusion that fundamentalist Christianity is valid is either lying, brain dead, or delusional. Christians who want to believe in NDEs must somehow omit the ones that don’t fit (the majority of accounts) or pretend the devil is tricking people. Everyone else who wants to believe in NDEs must just look at Christian accounts as symbolic. I don’t know how Dinesh pulls it off. He is a scholar, but seems brutally intellectually challenged nonetheless. Blinded by stubborn indoctrination.

He makes one good point. 100 people taking LSD will have 100 very different experiences, but 100 people having NDEs will have a 100 experiences with striking similarities.


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