Parliament of the World’s Religions

Congress of world Religions 1893

It’s that time of year everyone! The parliament of world religions will be held in Melbourne Australia in a couple of weeks and Andrew “Sasha Baron” Cohen will be on hand to police the madness thanks, according to his blog, to a “generous donor”. You may recall last issue of Enlightenext magazine where Cohen was pleading for donations to save his magazine, and thus- the earth, from certain ruin. The life savings of his disgruntled former apostles has apparently been devoured by the Lord’s work.

It’s nice to see how far religion has advanced since 1893.


Parliament of World's Religions 2009

Cohen’s impossible quest to override the human amygdala and limbic system to “evolve” a species of “God-Men” through concentrative group medibation sessions (meditative masturbation) is about as promising for “evolving” the human soul as the penis pump is for male enhancement. No amount of wishing will turn a cat into a dog, a chimp into a human, or a human into a god-man. This is because humans have brains, and brains are very limited and faulty organs which are literally organized in such a way as to ensure that god-men can’t exist. One can’t not be human. Cohen blurs the definition of “evolution” and imagines some hazy mind/matter intelligent design interaction which will speed the process of literally reorganizing human neurology through some kind of intent over coming generations. Good luck bub, it won’t happen. Your organization will turn to historical dust and end in misery and failure just like every one of your predecessors. But have fun. I’ll grab some popcorn and watch you prove my point, again, and again and again.


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