Life Before Life, My psi Experiments, Karl Jansen

Jim Tucker

I just finished the book “Life Before Life” by Jim Tucker who is the successor of Ian Stevenson’s reincarnation studies. Fortunately for Mr. Tucker, he is forcing me to break my spree of dissatisfaction with spiritual types and not superimpose his face on someone else’s body or give him new hair. Tucker did make the mistake in the book of giving the readers the false impression that Pam R. heard the saw and surgical assistants during standstill. I saw another guy on youtube try to say that Pam was in standstill during the NDE again. It would seem that the Reynolds case has achieved such a folklore from such repeated misinformation that the myth is more accepted than the truth. This is due to some high profile books and T.V. shows which made no clarification of the timetables.

The reincarnation accounts are astonishing, if we are to believe them. Tucker talks a lot about the possible explanations for the events and statistics concerning them. I was pleased to see that his goal now is to create a body of research on the American past life accounts of children. The story of James I found fascinating enough to read through the book.

I should interject here that Dinesh D’Souza uses the reincarnation work of Stevenson to build a case for the afterlife, which makes it even more unreasonable for him to believe in Christianity. For why would someone care about a blood sacrifice for their sins if they thought they existed long before they were born?

Tucker discusses NDEs and relates an account from Bruce Greyson’s research where a man during surgery was able to describe the peculiar way one of the physicians flaps his elbows after washing his hands. Once again I say, show me the money. If people can see these things, it will be proven. If they cannot, it will not. Simple as that. I appreciated how Tucker shares my attitude by saying that further research should be able to confirm the reality of reincarnation if it happens.

My pregnancy intuition experiment is quite disappointing. After an initial surge of lucky guesses, now only about 56% of 37 guesses were correct. I started keeping track of dream guesses and they are 50% so far.

On another note, I have racked up 3,360 guesses in an experiment using my iphone ESP trainer app. You have four colored boxes, one has a picture behind it. If you guess correctly the phone vibrates and shows the picture. Initially I got no result, but realized I thought it a better experiment to reverse the game and try to avoid tapping the box with the picture. I decided to start an actual experiment this way, mainly testing how well I can *avoid* hitting the picture and once in a while deciding to try to hit the picture also. I plan on doing 10,000 to end the experiment. So far I have p=.03 which would be considered a significant effect. So either Targ’s app is flawed to prevent people from finding the picture or I am getting really lucky and the results will even out by the time I get to 10,000 or the bible is the word of the Almighty God and Jesus died as a blood sacrifice for our sins despite the fact that we were alive for an eternity before we were born. As esp tests go I think this is a good one. The vibration of the phone is annoying to me and alarming, so it has the potential to combine not just “viewing” but feeling as well which may increase results. Or it may be a bunch of shit.

Tucker’s blog contains a quote from Karl Jansen, the ketamine researcher- I now believe that there most definitely is a soul that is independent of experience.…Ketamine is a door to a place we cannot normally get to; it is definitely not evidence that such a place does not exist.” This seems like it might be quote mining to me. I would like to know in what context it was said. I want to know exactly why Karl Jansen went from saying All features of a classic NDE can be reproduced by the intravenous administration of 50 – 100 mg of ketamine to saying that there most definitely is a soul.


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