Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE

I have enjoyed watching this seminar by Thomas Campbell, the author of “My Big TOE”, TOE meaning theory of everything. Campbell is the physicist mentioned in Bob Monroe’s books. He helped Bob set up the Monroe Institute research. A few things I find rather refreshing about listening to Campbell’s views-

– He is rational.

– He knows that a real TOE must include consciousness.

– He understands that all spiritual techniques, meditation techniques,and so called healing arts techniques are non-literal training wheel ways of directing intent (I tried unsuccessfully to explain this to my friends for years, they still believe in their fantasy techniques).

– He has had numerous OBEs on the level of those described by Monroe and he believes in them. He claims to have tested his own OBEs and confirmed their reality. He at least seems believable and quite passionate about what he is saying. In this final clip at 8 minutes he encourages people to test their OBEs to confirm that they are not just fooling themselves.

Still I am puzzled to no end why people who make claims of veridical proficiency cannot just commit themselves to proper experimentation to document the reality of their perceptions. I reject the notion that proof is unattainable. This leaves me highly skeptical of any such claims such as “I proved it to myself but I can’t prove it to you.”

I still consider it likely that the OBE is as Michale Raduga says- a journey into ones own subconscious mind. But this does not say it is not real. I have yet to see verifiable evidence retrieved from this state.

I posted this before watching the following clip. I think this is a very meaningful and courageous statement made by Campbell. He certainly walks his talk of not being afraid.He explains here how the NDE or DE is an intermediate frame where the powers that be will tell you any little story you need to make you feel better while you transition. It may be sad for some to hear that the loved ones met are “virtual” people and not what they seem to be.


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