Life after life

Another solid hit recorded by Garry Schwartz

I have watched Life after Life at least 4 times since 1999 when it came out. It is a good documentary and details some hair raising accounts. It ends with a seemingly astounding mediumship session from George Anderson. But after watching it several times I came to the conclusion that there are time frame discrepancies which reveal the highly edited nature of the reading. The show makes it look like Anderson was right on the money in sequence, but you can tell the sketchy parts were edited out to make it look like a very smooth reading. Watch closely. If the reading were given exactly as it appears without editing it would be a shocking triumph for mediumship. But in seeing the father’s remaining skepticism concerning all of George’s misses, it would seem that he did not experience the same reading as us viewers did watching the documentary.

After 10 years since this first mediumship experiment, what has transpired? John Edward got his own show which was cancelled, and mediums are still so bad at what they do that none of them can even convince me (someone who wants to believe) that it is true. One must question the ethics of mediums. If a medium was even 70% accurate it would be shocking. Yet that would mean the other 30% of a good medium’s statements given to a grieving family are made up. Am I the only one who thinks this is bad?

If there be an afterlife, the veil is not thin, but thicker than lead.


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