EEG, NDE and Parnia

Interesting Skeptico interview along the lines we have been arguing here. An EEG expert says that it is unlikely clear experiences could happen in that state. Penny Sartori is a little more clear in saying that perhaps there is some level of brain functioning going on we don’t yet understand. So either we exist beyond the brain or there is some extraordinary ability of the brain to generate these experiences in states thought not to be conducive to such experiences. Either way the NDE is amazing.

Also of note, Penny Sartori says that Sam Parnia is set to bpublish something concerning the AWARE study in the next few months. What it is I don’t think she knows. A result? I doubt it.

90. EEG Expert Can’t Explain Near Death Experience Data… and, Dr. Penny Sartori Finds More Than Hallucinations in NDE Accounts


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