A fascinating life

Integral nihilism

I love this picture of the post-NDE Kenneth Wilber staring out the window with some unknown reflection in mind.  You can see this and other interesting things on his website.

I find Wilber to be an endlessly fascinating person of almost unparalleled intellectual ability. He can read three books before lunch with a self described “spooky” reading comprehension ability.

Recently Wilber came close to death and wrote extensively about it. Since then I’ve often wondered what he thinks about death and whether he still believes in LAD. Was anything changed by coming to the brink? His body took a tremendous beating and it took him a great effort to recover from a grand mal seizure which triggered, according to Wilber’s own account, multiple classic NDEs.

I wish that Wilber would distance himself from Andrew Cohen. I think Cohen will eventually go down in a blaze of glory and scandal. Despite Wilber’s massive egoic desire to define and confine life and nature into a philosophically elaborate description in order to give meaning to the meaningless cacophony of randomness called life, Kenneth has a level of personal balance that seems immune to serious scandal.


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