The way to argue with science

I’ve pretty much had it listening to global warming deniers and creationists. They aren’t interested looking at the actual facts. They invent their own, and twist everything 180 degrees opposite of what the data imply. They rely on the fact that most people won’t examine any of the evidence themselves, accepting anything thrown into the wind as having an equal likelihood of being true as anything else. ¬†When thoroughly debunked, they just continue spouting the debunked idea as if nothing happened. This video illustrates the phenomenon (which should be named, classified and studied).

Here is how the phenomenon works with the global warming “debate” and the most popular attack piece from denialists.

4 Responses to “The way to argue with science”

  1. Aaron,

    I find myself wishing that Pat would write something. Pat, where are you?


  2. jackpot12 Says:

    I don’t know where the hell he is dammit. I think maybe he has turned into a conservative Christian fundamentalist 700 club member and is burning up the Pat Robertson fan club blogs.

  3. Aaron,

    Are you by chance referring to legendary television minister Reverend Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson? You will note that he, too, is a Bubba, albeit a far less imaginative one than, say, Joey Smith or the out-and-out sociopath, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.


  4. Loved the evolution cartoon. Hysterical. Not ONE transitional species!! NOt one!!

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