Jeff Long M.D. Not a Shadow of a Doubt


I met Dr. Long at an IANDS meeting years ago. We had a brief discussion about OBEs in which he pondered why so many people claim to see out of body yet cannot prove it under test conditions.

I read 105 pages of his new book “Evidence of the Afterlife” yesterday. Dr. Long says that there is not a shadow of a doubt in his mind that we survive death. He offers nine points which serve as the chapters of the book to make his case.

Long relies on his NDERF website accounts for detailed statistical analysis. This provides some useful information, but the key flaw to it all is the inevitable embellishment of stories and omissions that can cloud the analysis. For instance, he goes into detail about how the veridical accounts given in his database contain almost no discrepancies. What does this prove? It merely proves that if there were discrepancies, the story tellers were not interested in including them in the accounts. Or the memories of these discrepancies were faded or glossed out over time.

Reading the book I realized how easy it would be to come up with 9 reasons there almost certainly is NOT an afterlife. In the above interview, George Noory and Dr. Long agree that OBE verification is the number 1 piece of evidence for life after death. But one of the skeptics 9 points would be “the inability of OBErs to verify veridical perception in controlled conditions”. Even in my own conversation with Dr. Long, he puzzled over why they could not do it and asked me if I could come up with a simple experiment to prove it.

So his number one reason for believing is already highly suspect. Dr. Long states that he believes OBE’s in non-life threatening states are on a continuum of experience of OBEs in near death states. If one is real then the other should be too. Dr. Long, I would like you to meet my friend Michael Raduga.

6 Responses to “Jeff Long M.D. Not a Shadow of a Doubt”

  1. Aaron,

    Behold, an review:


    I’m Humbled.


  2. jackpot12 Says:

    Yes, then there’s this review:

    “he’s concluded that it must be proof that there is an afterlife. I think it just proves that he’s a fucking idiot.”

    You can see my response at the bottom.

  3. Aaron,

    Few acts would do more to advance the cause of physicalism than a good blow to the face of “medical researchers” such as Jeffrey P. Long, His Eminence, philosopher-psychiatrist “Sugar” Raymond A. Moody (we have mood stabilizing drugs now), emeritus (retired) “Professor” Ken Ring, “Doctor” Pim van Lommel, “Doctor” Brian Weiss, “Doctor” Bruce Greyson, and “Doctor” Mike Newton. But let us not forget the now dead “Doctor” George Rodonaia, “Doctor” George Ritchie, “Doctress” Liz Kuebler-Ross, and others. Let us not neglect the plain folk: Betty Eadie, Dan Brinkley, and others. And finally, we have the Bubbas: Vilberforce, Cohen, the annihilated Bubba Robert Monroe, and others. And let us also keep in mind the psychics and the mediums, among them John Edward and George Anderson. One wonders what Steve Pinker would make of there being so many Georges. Surely he would say that they were born during roughly the same historical period when that particular name was “going around.” How quaint.

    We have:

    1. The experiencers;
    2. The celebrity medical doctor-writers;
    3. The “spiritual” guru-fraudsters;
    4. The psychics and mediums;
    5. The New Agers;
    6. The frightened public.

    And in the midst of them all is “Paul Perry,” the linchpin behind it all.

    What will happen once Betty and Danny die? Who will replace them as the preeminent experiencers to fuel the whole dog and pony show?


  4. Aaron,

    To keep writing and thinking about death and the creative ways in which pretenders–usually, medical quacks–make a fortune dispensing platitudinous stories to allay the fears of weak-minded hysterical women unable to cope with life is a deplorable evasion of personal responsibility to create a life worth living. It is an evasion of opportunities, an avoidance of life for fantasy, and an erosion of one’s time as a living being with no payoff but a collective illusion entered into and reinforced by the anxious and desperate. Away with this lie!

    Let us be straightforward with each other and tell each other: I love and want to fuck you. I like this idea. She is an incompetent waitress. Tolstoy was terrorized by and terrified of death. Mount Everest is very tall. Those who have sexual intercourse in airplanes are said to be members of the “Mile High Club.” And so on. Let us state facts. Let us be attuned to our feelings, strengths, and weaknesses. Let us arrange ourselves so as to benefit everyone. We have only each other. Above us is only sky.

    Life is too short to live a lie. One need not be truthful to others, especially where being so might harm one, but one ought to be truthful and true to oneself. We do not survive death. This is really it. Let’s move on and try to live a meaningful life knowing precisely that it is fragile, and that death isn’t a completion or conclusion, but a sudden stoppage that could come at any moment, without the slightest hint of warning, and certainly no apology after the fact.

    We do not survive, and this liberates us to declare statements such as: Aaron, I do love you. I admire your intelligence. I feel sorrow at the time that has been wasted in your life due to the innocent pursuit of a fraudulent profession that you only later discovered to be a sham, and consequently abandoned. You’re heroic, and your strengths deserve to be rewarded. Moreover, there is a good chance that they will be, for you are not alone. We will work together to create better lives for each other, because what is good for a community–even one as small as two persons–is good for each member. We will create our own Trillium Park in the wilderness and call it good, because we will make it good, both through our actions and our ideas.

    There is no god. There is only us.


  5. Esteban,


    Know it all know nothing. Let’s all accept that what we know now is fact and look no further. If you can’t see it or feel it (and apparantly fuck it according to Esteban) then it doesn’t merit consideration. This is why I have as little respect for athiests as I do for those with strong religious beliefs. Both have all the answers .. apparantly. Socrates started every argument with the statement “I know nothing”. Unfortunately many start theirs knowing everything. Maybe this research is all crap, but vomiting out your own beliefs about life doesn’t disprove anything. If I say Esteban is a “moron” does that mean that he is? Surely I’d have to back it up somehow, wouldn’t I?

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