Jeff Long M.D. Not a Shadow of a Doubt


I met Dr. Long at an IANDS meeting years ago. We had a brief discussion about OBEs in which he pondered why so many people claim to see out of body yet cannot prove it under test conditions.

I read 105 pages of his new book “Evidence of the Afterlife” yesterday. Dr. Long says that there is not a shadow of a doubt in his mind that we survive death. He offers nine points which serve as the chapters of the book to make his case.

Long relies on his NDERF website accounts for detailed statistical analysis. This provides some useful information, but the key flaw to it all is the inevitable embellishment of stories and omissions that can cloud the analysis. For instance, he goes into detail about how the veridical accounts given in his database contain almost no discrepancies. What does this prove? It merely proves that if there were discrepancies, the story tellers were not interested in including them in the accounts. Or the memories of these discrepancies were faded or glossed out over time.

Reading the book I realized how easy it would be to come up with 9 reasons there almost certainly is NOT an afterlife. In the above interview, George Noory and Dr. Long agree that OBE verification is the number 1 piece of evidence for life after death. But one of the skeptics 9 points would be “the inability of OBErs to verify veridical perception in controlled conditions”. Even in my own conversation with Dr. Long, he puzzled over why they could not do it and asked me if I could come up with a simple experiment to prove it.

So his number one reason for believing is already highly suspect. Dr. Long states that he believes OBE’s in non-life threatening states are on a continuum of experience of OBEs in near death states. If one is real then the other should be too. Dr. Long, I would like you to meet my friend Michael Raduga.


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