NDE After Effects Explored

This is one of the most graphic displays of the beautiful after effects of the NDE. These videos I offer in tribute to the enormous contribution of the NDE to society.



6 Responses to “NDE After Effects Explored”

  1. Esteban Sanchez Says:


    I find these utterly ridiculous, so much so that I was barely able to force myself to watch the entire first video, but only a small part of the second. This is completely unbearable, but I think that that was the exact point that you were trying to illustrate: the absurdity of one human being, an older male making YouTube videos watched by young males (and possibly females). That’s just weird, and, as I see it, a waste of time. Does anyone find either of these videos to be funny? I don’t. They grate against my nerves.

    There’s truly so very little separating someone from living one moment, and jumping out of a tall building the next.

    In the past ten years, we’ve come to the conclusion that:

    We’re annihilated. Therefore, we survive.


  2. Yes, I laugh so hard it brings tears to my eyes watching these videos.

  3. Esteban Sanchez Says:


    I’ve found a picture of you from the future. You have finally attained bubbahood. I congratulate you:


  4. Liberace, the ultimate Bubba.

  5. Esteban Sanchez Says:


    Quite so. The ultimate bubba!

    The queen of all bubbas, really.

    What I find exceptional about this particular bubba is that he insisted (and sued accusers for libel) that he was “not a homosexual” throughout his life. In fact, Wladsiu Valentino Liberace was annihilated by AIDS. Moreover, he infected at least three bombshell young males who subsequently died.

    Ladies and gentleman, “Mister Showmanship,” Liberace!

    Gayfaggit Extraordinaire!

    The Bubba’s Bubba.


  6. Esteban Sanchez Says:


    Have you given up on your blog?

    I never really liked it, anyway.


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