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Narcissism and Greed

Posted in Chiropractic, student loans on January 5, 2010 by jackpot12

I was searching around for information about Chiropractors and student loans. This was the first video I found. ┬áThis is such a perfect display of the “I am the center of the universe” mind of the Chiropractic student. I feel sorry for this woman. I am sure she would feel even more sorry for me.


I took out $96,000 to attend a Chiropractic college and graduated in 2000. I ┬áhave paid a total of $42,000 on the loan. The loan is consolidated, has a 6.875 interest rate…..

My current principal, paying $1000/month?

Current Principal: $109,000

Fuck it America.

Fuck it!

I’ve done nothing wrong. I make a good wage. I pay all my bills.

Fuck it. According to financial websites, in order to be able to afford a loan of 100k, one would have to make over 150k per year or the 94th percentile of American earners. A typical person may end up paying double the price of an already astronomical loan.