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Penn and Teller on the NDE

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This is the most disingenuous hatchet job I’ve seen Penn and Teller do. They pretend to examine the NDE and remain intentionally ignorant about key aspects of it. The whole thing is treated as if an obvious result of “lack of oxygen”. The garbled and meaningless hallucinations of fighter pilots are equated with fully lucid experiences “more real than anything on earth”. This whole video sequence was story-boarded on a spiral bound notebook laying on Penn’s lap while he was taking a shit the diameter of a coke can and scribbling away without the slightest degree of knowledge or research.


The Power of Furled Eyebrows

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It is amazing the power a set of furled crooked brows can have over people.

I 98% Concede the OBE/Lucid Dream Debate

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[This is a high quality sales pitch video. You wonder if these guys really believe this stuff is real. Notice how in the video, the trick is to be able to tell whether you are in the dream state or not while lying in bed. If you are, you will be able to move your “astral” arms and legs without disturbing your body . If you are not in the dream state, you will move your real arms and lose your trance (as I did a few nights ago).]

It appears that OBEs are merely a sub-class of lucid dreaming. The difference appears to be only in the timing for which the dream state is entered into. If it is entered early on in the process more directly from the waking state (what researchers call WILDS as opposed to DILDS), one gets the impression that they are still lying in bed, and naturally, the way the dreaming mind makes sense of this is to roll out of the body and start floating around.

The reason people’s hands go right through the door is because tactile sensation is not something the mind invents. It is something that happens to the body when it encounters a force. So during the dream, you put your hand on the door knob expecting it to push back on its own and to register the solidness. But it doesn’t so your hand goes right through. However, it seems to me that if someone was really dreaming in the OOB state, they should be able to imagine being able to open the imaginary door and feel the imaginary doorknob. But maybe not.

There are still some mysteries which make me think that maybe there is some psi component to it. But those who know they are having lucid dreams probably report veridical experiences just as often as those who think they are OOB! Both are radically inefficient.

So now I am *really* curious… how did miss Zzzz cheat? Was it the reflecting clock? Was it all just made up? I used to laugh at those who would say “maybe it was mere telepathy”, yet now I wonder if it was mere telepathy. Did Charles Tart construct such a poor experimental design that one could memorize a 5 digit number they saw? Why did it take her several nights to see the number? She must have really believed she could do it. If she could read the number somehow with her eyes, why did she wait three nights be successful? Because the clock reflection was blurry the first two nights? I would literally kidnap this woman from the supermarket!

Although I am 98% sure that the OBE is a subclass of lucid dream, I am also 98% sure that NDE OBEs are the same thing. Why would NDE OBEs be better at giving veridical accounts? Do we even know they are? Is there a continuum of accuracy depending on what degree the “body consciousness” is interfering with the imagery? Is the NDE the only time when the body consciousness is totally not interfering?

Or, a far more simple explanation- we are exterminated at bodily death and all of these things are a sham.

How can we find out?


I knew it!

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I am a philosopher

I am a philosopher

Last one to the finish line has to eat lunch with Andrew Cohen!

Last one to the finish line has to eat lunch with Andrew Cohen!

Ray Comfort Hoists Himself on Own Pitard

Posted in Humor, Science & Spirituality on August 2, 2009 by jackpot12

The Thunderfoot versus Ray Comfort debate has taken place. It was a snoozer. Both parties were very polite. Thunderfoot took it really slowly and wasn’t terribly aggressive. Comfort’s strategy was to play his unbeatable hand of “God says so in his word, therefore it’s true”.

But something major happened. Ray Comfort learned about some evidence for speciation involving salamanders in California and admitted speciation was true but that it was not evolution. This is like saying that you can warm a pot of water over a burner, but if you leave it there for a while it will never boil.

I learned about the salamanders in question from Dawkins’ book “Ancestor’s Tale”. It is a large geographic ring of genetically related salamaders in California. As you move further down the ring the varieties change but can still interbreed, until you get to a certain locale where the same genetically related salamanders have been isolated geographically to such an extent that they cannot interbreed with the others- a clear and obvious example of speciation. And such speciation happened in a relatively short amount of time- a few million years or so. Comfort admits to speciation, but somehow thinks this is different from evolution… ummmm, I guess because none of the salamanders ever hatched a Cocker Spaniel or something? This is “willful ignorance” at its breathtakingly stupidest. And when the need for vast time spans arises Comfort slips into that retarded (literally) creationist canard of “time is your god, you always need time”, as if this is some sort of argument. This snippet illustrates the moment where Ray Comfort, unbeknownst to his own self, admitted that he didn’t have the faintest idea of what he was talking about and showed that he truly doesn’t care a whit about honestly examining the theory of evolution.

Here is some technical expert commentary from one of the viewers (I am not forcing you to watch the whole thing, it may be over your heads).

Kriya Yoga

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“One half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.”


Click here to observe advanced kriya technique. This was the special kriya transmitted from Babaji to Yogananda and reserved only for the serious aspirant.

My Mormon Experience

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mooningI had an interesting run-in with a couple of Mormon missionaries recently.

A friend invited me to a barbeque at his girlfriend’s house. The house was built up with a high deck and the living room was fully windowed about 180 degrees above the driveway.

I rung the doorbell, nobody answered so I barged in on a bunch of people I had never seen before and held my six pack of beer up as if it were an admission ticket as i broke into their house. About 5 people stared at me in the kitchen with their tattoos and piercings and hard alcoholic drinks in hand. So, after awkwardly introducing myself I was told my friend was down talking to the Mormons. I walked into the living room and looked out the window to seen him down below hobnobbing with two gangly characters dressed in black and white, tie and windbreaker.

I walked down there and said hello, holding a beer in my hand. My friend was playing with them saying “Ya, I really need a good come to Jesus”, as if somehow he was seriously interested in Mormonism. The Mormon 20 year olds tried DESPERATELY to get him to their church, to save his soul. It was embarrassingly desperate. Then they turned to me, and initiated a profoundly condescending inquiry into the nature of my understanding of their faith, as if to understand what it is, is to believe it automatically. I said “oh I know all about it, there’s no way in a thousand years you could get me to your church”. I didn’t feel like bantering so I just said it outright.

Right then there was a noise from above inside the house. I looked up and there were two enormous bare white asses snugged against the window. My friends girlfriend and another guy had dropped trow to give the Mormons a show. They tried futilely to conceal their embarrassment.

My friend is fond of calling me “doctor”. And when he did in front of the Mormons, one of them looked at me puzzled and said “how did YOU become a doctor?”. There was very little preventing my hand from breaking that kids nose. Very little, except he was so bumblingly stupid it would not have mattered. I said “um, I studied really hard?” I am too non-confrontational, and people like this have nothing to be gained from this sort of confrontation. Their Mormonism is punishment enough.